I love manga, for various reasons.
I love the art of the characters , I love the story lines, I love the imagination that their creator put in them
I can go on and on in this subject, but that not why I am creating this thread, this thread is for what i do not love.
What i do not like thought is the person who does this to a manga.

Congrats to YOU Doko u have a scanner more important u have the book, good for u but u only scanned it you didn't create nothing not the art not the story
if u want Fame then lets place u in the Hall of Baka Heroes.

I don't want to sound mean ( i already did but i don't care ), i know that for a scandalation to come out requires a lot of work and time, and love.
In my point of view adding such irritating logos in a manga saws that u have no respect for the manga or for the job YOU do and in my opinion the admins should put
a report button when manga like this came up .

That all i have to say thanks for your time reading this , i will be pleased if i heard other peoples opinion