I love Kare First Love!
I can relate to it so much and Kiriya is such a cutie!
I like all the characters...even Yuka...wow...Lol
I discovered the series by reading Shojo Beat, thats a really good magazine. It has the best manga in it, thats also where I found Full Moon. Anyways, My favorite character in it are...wow...uhm...Karin, Nanri, and Kiriya. Nanri is so cool, I think I'm like Karin the most. I have the first 7 volumes and really want to get the rest. It would be a great anime, wouldn't it?
aw man...lol


sexy kirya[XD lol...what? its true!]
favorite characters?
how many manga books of it do you have?
how did you discover it?

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