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Thread: list your top 5 manga series (and explain your choice)

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    Talking list your top 5 manga series (and explain your choice)

    hi all i like manga a lot and would like to know what is your top 5 manga comic book or tv series and why? has this ever made you collect them?

    for me my top 5 is:
    Card captor
    Ranma 1/2
    Fruits basket
    Pichi pichi pich

    Why: the drawings are cool the dialogues are funny

    and yes i do collect the dvds, posters and other collectible items.

    Your turn lol
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    Re: list your top 5 manga series

    Those are some good choices PhoenixSara

    Hmmm thats a tough one but I would have to say;

    1. Ouran High School Host Club- because it has made me laugh out loud on so many occasions.

    2. Dr Slump- cause it was my first manga therefore it will always hold a special place...plus its messed up in a funny way

    3. Dragon Ball- I like the story and the comedy

    4. Fruits Basket- Come on who doesn't like a little fairytale?

    5. (This one is the flexible slot) Right now Peach Girl- cause it is a guilty pleasure

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    Re: list your top 5 manga series

    Hmm, alright, I'll post mine.

    1. Naruto
    2. Bleach
    3. Zombie Loan
    4. Death Note
    5. PhD

    I like these because they all have action in them, and they are my favorite story lines.
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    Re: list your top 5 manga series (and explain your choice)

    1.Kanata Kara AKA From Far Away
    2.Immortal Rain
    3.Queen's Knight
    4.Millennium Snow
    5.RG Veda

    All of these mangas have an amazing and really awesome story and well the art work is truly great as well ^^ sadly all of these only Rg Veda is the only thats in anime i think,but these manga are most wonderful mangas ever <3
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    Re: list your top 5 manga series (and explain your choice)

    Fruitsbasket for me, I donno, I used to be homeless, and well, torhu... i could relate to her alot, mind you it was the very first manga i had ever read, so maybe that is why I love it
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    Re: list your top 5 manga series (and explain your choice)

    Most of the mangas i like have alot of good fights and funny things in it.
    1.Bastard!!- I like for the random parts and some the funniest things i have seen.
    2.Naruto-good fighting and funny
    3.bleach-very good fights and funny
    4.New grappler baki-good fights and some funny things in it
    5.tenjho tenge-funny and good fights

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    Talking Re: list your top 5 manga series (and explain your choice)

    My first post, ta-daaaah ^^

    I am currently reading/collecting 14 different series (I also check out a few online, but they don't count - i like paper, hehe)... these are my faves, yay! It was haaard to choose the order!!

    1.Bleach - the story and art are so amazing, the characters all have such depth and the overall presentation is just sooo stylish! Tite Kubo really makes u care about his protagonists too.

    2.Eyeshield21 - An awesome sense of growth in the characters, the art is awesome too, the action is conveyed perfectly. Also surprisingly unpredictable! Hiruma is cool, haha.

    3.Black Cat - Cool characters and interesting story. Train (Black Cat) is a goofy bastard but also a totally deady badass, awesome. Sweet action.

    4.Claymore - Really good story and the artwork has a real cold style which is different to most of what I read but I totally love it. Also I love the sickly thin Claymores, so fragile looking and beautiful yet so amazingly powerful. The monster designs are horrific and so creative.

    5.Negima - I love the simple cutesy style of Akamatsu's art, funny story too, so many cute girls, haha. And it's hilarious how many fan-service shots are thrown in.

    Well there ya go! I also read: Chobits, Zombie Powder, Suikoden III, Get Backers, Welcome to the NHK, Venus Versus Virus, Battle Vixens, Battle Club, Chrno Crusade... bla bla bla

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    Re: list your top 5 manga series (and explain your choice)

    5.) Naruto-
    4.) One Piece
    3.) Shaman King
    2.) Fruits basket
    1.) Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

    i love them all because they are hilarious..and i am a huge Zelda fan, so when i read that manga..it was awesome..and so funny..>.<

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