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Thread: Manga Bible

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    Re: Manga Bible

    wow I never thought the Bible would ever be a manga. well this should be interesting, I think I'll suggest this to be added into my church's library. I definately will keep my eyes out for this. Thank you Jesus for Magna

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    Re: Manga Bible

    Quote Originally Posted by Markovitch View Post
    I think that might be fun since there would be something to look at. I am not one to be able to read forever...although I did finish the harry potter series in 1 weeks time. The bibles I have read are in small print and sometimes I just need to take a break and relax or feed my mind with creative images.

    This is also a great idea for kids since they usually don't pay attention to things very long that aren't detailed or colorful.

    Wow I need to stop talking,

    P.S. I totally agree with you Divine_Punishment
    Yeah your right..i live in a christen family.when i was little it was ok cause when you're little you have fun.but as you get older you want to stop going(this is how i was, but this is just me)It would be ggreat if they had a manga bible!!! i'll read some of the bible and it was all very interesting..i would like to see it in manga form!!!
    Oh and Markovitch i read the 7th harry potter book in 3 days!!!
    was awsome though wasn't it!!(sorry for getting off subject...)

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    Re: Manga Bible

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