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Thread: Manga Developement

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    Manga Developement

    Ive been searching the internet far and wide for an artist and maybe a co-writer for my idea. Im not good at art as much as ide like to be. The idea for my manga is simple but I think its really good.

    The idea is about a village of assassins and thieves. Its a strugging village and these two things are the only trades of this place. They get jobs from outsiders to sustain their way of life. In the begin one of the top members of this community brings a boy no older then the age of eight into the village, the boy was found stranded in the desert and had almost died. Oddly enough the boy wears the royal crest of Himani on his chest. The kingdom of Himani had been attacked two weeks before the boy was found. The boy was brought in front of the village leader and following the code set forth by the villages founders the boy is given two choices. Become one of them or be killed. Of course the boy chooses to live and become one of them. The man who found him is put in charge of his training. As time passes the man who found him along with the village leader make a plan to use the boy to gain power and reputation as they help him reclaim his thrown.

    I have a few other side ideas to add but nothing solid those are just the basics. I am no stranger to writers block and two minds are better then one. If your interested in joining the team just post here or if you have any ideas how to make the story better go ahead and post criticism is fine but please dont judge my grammar and spelling I have an LD and i'm trying my best.

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    Re: Manga Developement

    This has to be the 100th time I've seen someone asking users on AO to draw for them. Personally, I say you should do the same thing other aspiring manga artists and cartoonists have done for years. Practice, practice, practice. I could understand two artists collaborating and sharing ideas together. They're trying to reach the same goal and--I'm sure--they'd be respectful of creative commons and such.

    You should also know that a great story always backs up art that some people would think or assume they could reproduce via their five year old kid. It doesn't work the other way around. Great art with a lack of story doesn't make for a good manga/cartoon/comic strip. If you want your story to be illustrated, I personally think you should break out the pencil and start putting some lines on the paper.

    If you need any pointers/advice, I'll offer it to you and I'm sure other artists here on AO would do the same.

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