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Thread: Manga Licensing

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    Manga Licensing

    Does anyone know why MangaFox and OneManga are now being busted for hosting licensed manga? What's the big deal all of a sudden?
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    Re: Manga Licensing

    Because its Illegal under international Copyright law.

    The two sites you mention both have their servers located in the United States, and as such, are subject to US copyright law, making them fair game for Cease and Desist lawsuits.

    Considering that those two sites hosted the complete collections of several VERY popular manga, and tens of thousands of people read them every day, then add on the fact that a single volume of manga sell for anywhere from 9.99 to 15 dollars, all that adds up to lost potential sales (people don't want to buy the manga books when they've read it online), and statutory damages (Required under US law under such cases) which can ammount to quite a large sum.

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    Re: Manga Licensing

    It is illegal, after all. xD Though One Manga has been known for taking down licensed manga before, Hellsing for example. Naruto and Bleach are just too popular. D:

    I think they should at least post the chapters that haven't been able to put into book form yet. I think if Shounen Jump, Tokyopop and Dark Horse (mostly Jump) hasn't translated and started selling the volumes yet it's fair ground to have scanlations. Then, have them taken down once the volume/chapter has been put out on shelves. I wouldn't mind then, if your a fan of the series you will still buy the manga to support it. xD At least, I do.

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    Re: Manga Licensing

    It's sick...
    if a true manga lover finds a wonderful manga at one of those sites.
    he/she will buy it as a pocket so soon as the money allowes them...
    at least if there is other persons like me...

    And i have read a couple of wonderful mangas there, that is imposible for me to find,
    without costing a hell lots of money...
    as Suki- a like like story... It's imposible to find here in sweden or anywhere closeby...
    the only place there i ahve found that book is in a shop in UK, and there it costs twice the price as here in sweden =~,~;=

    so **** that they are breaking the copyright law, so long the booksellers can't fix so everyone can get the book to a good price..
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    Re: Manga Licensing

    Well I understand where shonen is comming from cause I wouldn't like it if someone did something to my product like that but really I mean alt of us would by the volumes if they were translated quicker or in some cases at all but when you look at in the eyes of people who read manga online ( myself included) ... What's easier going and reading a fan translation or learning japanese
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