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Also, I've read up to volume 9 (inclusively) and I've found the plot to become darker and darker. I stopped at the point where Rei and Kira are living together in his apartment and he wants to go sleep elsewhere for the night and she tells him to stay. Does it get any lighter from there?
You're right in saying that the plot becomes darker and darker. From then on, it deals with a lot more than just the love story narrative. Themes such as psychological illnesses and suicide come up as well. This is one of the reasons why Mars held my interest right till the very end - it's a lot more serious than most shoujo series.

If you haven't already read on from where you last mentioned, I'd suggest you kick out any children in the immediate vicinity first lol. Just to avoid any complications.

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Is it just me, or did anyone else wanted Rei and Kira to die in the end? My friend and I thought it would be a better ending for some reason... And I couldn't believe Kira's mum went back with that man >_< I mean 'sorry' just doesn't cut it for rape, especially since it wasn't even that long ago
*Gasps* No way! I've never wanted Kira or Rei to die! I completely disagree with that being the better ending - Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for sad endings... Yeah, that's probably it. I hate sad endings!

Lol but seriously, if they'd both died at the end... The same thought occured to me numerous times while I was reading the manga, and I dreaded the ending, because somewhere inside me, I really thought that they'd die. But they didn't, and that got rid of all that pent up frustration within me. I hate sad endings - it's so pessimistic! I'm an optimistic person, and so sad endings just don't cut with me.