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Thread: My own series is fatal

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    My manga that im creating is called FATE.Its not based on the pc game or the Fate/Stay night manga(which i have never read).I posted some concept character art in the gallery(fanart and line art).I cannot post the actual manga because i dont want anybody to steal it.Here is the backbone of the story.It is the year 2133 and there are two rival clans,Rainstorm and Stormshadow.In 2132 Stormshadow(the bad guys)infiltrated and took over KATANA,the most powerful and technologicly advanced military force in Japan.And now clan Stormshadow has complete control over the Japanese military.Rainstorm(the good guys)now has to stop Shadow,Stormshadow's leader,from taking over Japan...And the the whole world.

    so what does everybody think? i was hoping somebody would reply...

    WOOOOOOWWWW!!! lol, this is OLD!! And kinda stupid HAHA!! Im making fun of myself
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