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    NANA Manga

    Nana, nana, nana... Ever since I've discovered it, a great addict I've become. It's one of the best mangas I've read. Started to read it because I wanted to know what happened next in the anime, so this was my only option.

    The title “Nana” refers directly to the two main characters of the series, who are both called Nana. Nana Komatsu(more commonly called Hachi) and Nana Osaki, young women of very different characters, will meet by a strange twist of Fate and from that, a strong and eventful friendship develops, one that will be the basis of the anime itself.

    It starts off with the two Nanas on the train to Tokyo, Hachi going to meet her boyfriend Shoji and Nana going to the city to debute as a singer. Their first encounter was when Hachi fell on Nana and finally ended sitting beside her. Little did they know they will meet again soon after, when both wanted the same flat and ended up living together. That was just the start of their close relationship….

    Nana is a shojou shoujo, as i said above, and as such has a strong dose of romance, but not the idealistic side of love but one that is so realistic that you can truly see yourself in it sometimes. Also, aimed at a more mature audience, Nana also deals with sex and a more crude view of life. Though, on reading the first chapters, you may find Nana depressing, you’ll soon discover that it is in fact addictive, with its realistic and endearing characters. Dealing with the parallel(and sometimes intertwined) life of the members of the two bands Trapnest ( Osaki Nana’s ex-boyfriend’s band) and Blast (Nana’s punk band), the anime shows us the ups and downs of their love as well as every day life. This makes this anime even more easier to relate to and hence in my opinion, an anime worth cherishing.

    So, on the overall, Nana is a master piece of manga, though it will surely not be liked by everyone. Indeed Nana may appear on the same level as the lame soap operas people are fond of these days, but, on diving deep into the story, we notice that Ai Yazawa’s work reveals the truth of life… Nana is one of the best animes around! Go and watch it, i strongly recommend it… But be prepared to shed a few tears…

    Since September, I had been waiting for the chapter 70 to be released and at last! I just finished reading it and I have to say, it got to me.

     click to show spoiler

    Impatiently waiting for chapter 71! So who reads the Nana manga and what do you think of it?
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    Re: NANA Manga

    This really belongs in the Review section. Feel free to post a review.


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