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Thread: new prince of tennis manga

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    new prince of tennis manga

    thats right you heard me a new prince of tennis manga. the manga is entitled new prince of tennis. real original right? so what happened to the team after the nationals.

    The New Prince of Tennis story is set in the fall, several months after the national tennis tournament that ended the original manga. While Ryōma Echizen is honing his skills in America, a crucial letter arrives that changes his plans.
    so what is happening in japan that makes him come back? well you'll just have to read the manga to find out. many of the fan favourites( and those chars. we don't like that much)will be back.

    it just began serialzation in Jump Square magazine on March 4, 2009. so there are only a few chapters out at the moment.

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    Re: new prince of tennis manga

    Holly crap! I was put down when it ended! I'm so happy The decided to make another!
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