Hey There Dudes/Duddettes. I've just bought a new Manga, 'No Man's Land' (OMG. Just like the title ) and was wondering if anybody else has seen it and/or read it? Here's what I think...

Basic Rundown: Set in the American Civil War (cowboys), Daemons have been set loose and 1 man responsible for this calamity (Main Character) is now wandering about trying to stop them. His reason for this is that his family; his only real purpose in life; was taken from him.

Why I like it: So far; as first Volumes goes; it gives the reader the basic componants for the story mixed in with equal amounts of Action and Bloodshed. It draws on several concepts and has some original ideas thrown in. None of the characters carry any special bullets to deal with these Daemonss for example, but rely on damaging a Daemons Heart which is often an external feature. It also uses sevral Cowboyish steryotypes like the main charchter; a tough, mysterious, fast drawing sarpshooter who happens to be a loner, along with deadly silent stand-offs yet it all seems to meld together nicely and add to the atmosphere of the story.

Best Bits: So far, this has to be the John's (main charachter) gun. It's based on a design called the Buntline Special; a .45 Colt Revolver with a 16" barrel

Worst Bits: Not really much for me. The scenes with the Bakerton Brothers are a little sketchy, but I'm sure this'll even out later.

Now I've just got to wait for the second book.