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Thread: One Piece

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    Cool Re: One Piece

    4Kids really did butcher it....heck they totally mutilated it and stripped it of the glory that it deserves

    thanks to Funimation, they salvaged it, resurected it, gave it a new all star cast. it is so much better. its like 4Kids never touched it.

    all in all. One Piece is my all time favorite series. the creator Eiichiro Oda is a revolutionary genius! his style is not traditional, but its different in a way that it is my opinion, he's style has a whimsical feel to it, which i believe is fitting to its story and such. his storyline is awesome and the morals that you learn from it is just amazing. all the characters are great, they all have a deep story behind them that makes them admirable in their own way. and they all kick ass.

    i recommend reading the manga and watching the latest episodes online if you want to get caught up with the releases in Japan. the series is only getting better by the chapter/episode.
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    Re: One Piece

    Yeah, I was watching "4Kids Worse One Piece Dub Moments" it was really pathetic. Y'all should look it up on Youtube, especially the Joke and Puns one. One line I'll never forget "I guess he was just one lucky ducky" XD And I can't wait for the Uncut DVD's to release, Ep's 1-13, You can get the DVD's cheapest at FYE, for $29.99

    And it seems One Piece is suppose to come back, and they will start airing from episode 1 I believe. with the new dub from the current Funimation cast. I think the reason they took it off is because they want people to go out and buy the DVD's. Which I'm definitely going to do.
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    Re: One Piece

    Well what did u expect when a corporation like 4kids or a place like that? The best,best,best way to see the show is to learn japanese and buy the original anime from Japan. At least, I think that would work...
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    Re: One Piece

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

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