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Thread: overrated manga anime

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    overrated manga anime

    bleach, naruto and one piece (one piece is gunna last another 20 somethin years i bet) is to overrated. I like them but...... idk it just seems to overrated. Why not Fullmetal alchemist or something other manga? What do u all think?

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    Re: overrated manga anime

    Fullmetal was rated in the very top but them it was completed. It's still one of the best and everyone knows about it.
    One piece has earned it's top spot fair and square and really is one of the best out there right now.
    Naruto however is way beyond overrated. The manga starts out pretty good and goes down hill from there. The fame probably comes from the games and such which I have heard should be pretty good.
    Bleach lost it's plot somewhere but people seem to fail in realizing that.
    I do think Naruto and Bleach have been dragged on for to long with such a basic plot but calling it overrated is a bit rude. Or maybe it's the truth.

    Bottomline is: Don't group them together just because they are all famous. One Piece happens to be an epic manga but people judge it too quickly because it's so mainstream.
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    Re: overrated manga anime

    Bleach an Naruto sure are overrated. Dropped them around Ch. 300 each. One Piece has a still promising story so I still read it. I think that a Manga needs a story at first, then talk about the details - and so I don't think that One Piece is overrated. It has just gotten boring since there is no story progress (alike Claymore, if you know it). Too bad, there is no really interesting manga out there right now. As soon as you catch up with the latest chapter it is getting slow. What a shame!

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