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Thread: Samurai-Themed Manga

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    Re: Samurai-Themed Manga

    My favourite is Samurai Champloo for the fact that its so diffrent from any other SAMURAI type anime. it has a guy that uses capoeira and a sword when he fights. Like before I saw Champloo, I never would have thought to include both those elements and put them into sumthing like that dude. Rurouni Kenshin is so0o0o0o0o boring to me. like that action is so slow and its so...obsolete to me...not saying the story and stuff isn't good but coming from a guy that has seen all these spectacular things from Champloo then goes back in time to an older samurai anime makes it bad. maybe if i was Kenshin before Champloo id feel different but thats not the case.

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    Re: Samurai-Themed Manga

    well......im not sure this can be considered a samurai book......but chronicles of the cursed sword is a great swordfighting manga......not sure tho if its been made an anime

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    Re: Samurai-Themed Manga

    ^ I haven't heard of that yet... What's the story about?

    I've recently taken a liking to Shigurui. It's pretty awesome.


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