Kaila Holt-Description: She?s kind and sweet up until her accident happens after that she has no idea who she is and she ends up forgetting everything?SEVERE CONCUSSION/MEMORY LOSS, she can?t remember who her friends are or who she is pretty much. She gets tricked into being friends with the ?mean? crowd who have wanted her for years and this was their time to spring. She is constantly changing her hair color for reasons only she knows *will be told in the story though* she isn?t liked by everyone?the only was she was able to make friends in the first place?besides her BFF was joining the cheerleading squad which caused her injury. Her hair is normally a dark dirty blond shade, and she has very pretty midnight blue eyes, her left eyes is usually covered by her side-swept bangs, her hair is usually wavy, and up in a pony tail. She spends most of the story trying to get back to her previous life and trying to figure out what happened in the first place.. She has no memory of anything at all.

Katrina (Kat) Stark-Description: She?s really sweet?and all she really wants is her best friend back. She has no other friends except Kaila and she really misses the way things used to be. She teams up with Kaila?s childhood crush and they end up becoming best friends on a journey to save a friend. She is very clever and smart. But she also tends to fight and protect herself against the mean girls at school. She has light ash brown straight (sometimes braided) collarbone length hair, her bangs are short and they fall straight into her coffee brown eyes.

James Cameron- A mischievous, clever, smart boy. He has a crush on Kaila, but he was never able to tell her. She doesn?t even remember him. When she starts dating the captain of the football team he gets jealous and teams up with Kat in order to get the old Kaila back. He is extremely upset when she gets injured and has a very hard time coping with it. He is very cute?shaggy light chestnut brown hair that flows into his grass green eyes.

Lydia Martain-Description: She is a jerk at times. Although she has always been jealous of Kaila. She has wanted Kaila in her group for a very long time and she has finally found the chance. She hates Kat and James. She is dating the captain of the basketball team, although she cheats on him a lot. (they are all 14 and freshmen in HS) She has fiery bright red curls that cascade to her shoulder, barely touching her light blue eyes.