Recently I just finished the first 20 volumes of Vagabond, the manga retelling of the novel about Miyamoto Musashi by Yoshikawa Eiji, and am eagerly awaiting the appearance of more. First off the art work is superb, Inoue Takehiko has a talent that in my opinion is nearly un surpassed. The storyline is so engrossing that i had all 20 volumes read in about a week, I just couldnt im stuck at a cliff hanger holding on for dear life waiting for the next volume to surface somewhere near me so i can lift myself out of this suspense. As far as samurai mangas go, this one is up there with the likes of Lone Wolf and Cub, as well as Blade of the Immortal. Definately anyone looking for some good action and a truly engrossing story should pick this bad boy up, you wont be dissappointed.