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Thread: vampire?

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    Re: vampire?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sazurii View Post
    (i guess i need to refrase.oops)

    I want to read another romantic or vampire series. The only vampire story ive been reading is Vampire Knight. Any good ideas for those two?

    also, if anyone has read DeathNote, is it good and will it keep me reading 24 hours ?
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    Re: vampire?

    Love Monster by Miyagi Riko (info: SM/ANN) is a really good fantasy manga. It's not exactly like Vampire Knight, but I'm pretty sure you'd like it just as well. It has its cute parts but has a good balance of smut and evilness. ;]

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    Re: vampire?

    Hmm the only vampire manga I'v read is Hellsing but D.Gray-Man has a vampire,though it doesn't appears untill the third volume.-^-^-

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