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Thread: Vampire Knight

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    Re: Vampire Knight

    Aidou is my favorite i know laugh it up but hay this person reaches out to me the most from all the people in vampire knights
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    Re: Vampire Knight

    i'm VK fan.. and it's so awesome, all the characters are cool and handsome and pretty like yuki and zero. I really like to pare up is Zero and Yuuki.. i don't like Kaname to be pair with yuki. not because i dont like him, nothing i'm just dont like to be pair up with yuki. hehe.. GAMBLE.. well vampire knight is good to read and there's a humor or it is not humor that there will be an anime of VAmpire Knight. Let's Watch ok.. keep safe all..hehe.. tell me if there's any new info with the vampire knight ok... hope you will PM me.. I'll be waiting..

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    Re: Vampire Knight

    Well I love vampire Knight been reading it and watching it on youtube. There are only 8 episodes out right now though, but they are good.

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    Re: Vampire Knight

    This thread died back in November; please do not revive threads that are over one month old.

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