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Thread: What We Came Here For?!(About Naruto and One Piece)

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    Cool What We Came Here For?!(About Naruto and One Piece)

    Someone asked me, why you spend so much time on reading a manga? Like ONE PIECE Manga or NARUTO Manga. Maybe many people think that is a childish, boring and wasting of time. However, here I want to say, what I read is not manga, but life; not their faces, but spirit.

    Apparently, NARUTO shows fights between ninjas, but it actually shows us debates of life philosophy. In NARUTO, one ninja is one carrier of view of life. Almost in every big fight, both sides would look back their life and have a debate about the meaning of life

    While the greatest significance that ONE PIECE brings to me is the wakening of soul. They tell me with their immortal spirit: " if you have a dream, defend it."

    You should have the faith that is even fearless to die. You should trust your friends. Luffy tells me, who is always carefree and super confident.

    he said, I am the man who will be the pirate king. Yes, the man with his own faith is the most handsome man.

    If you remember your old dream? if you have forgotten the way you came because you have gone so far away? If your passion is run out in the day-by-day exhausted work? You start to get used to, then obey, finally be numb. One of my friend said, something like dreams have already been totally swept away by our real life long time age. I said, no matter how they disappeared, you should take them back in the same way, if only you have fearless faith and courage. Far away? Daydream? So what? You don't even dream it, how can you mock others' passion.

    you should do things with your own faith. Never complain life. And try to make yourself strong. That guy Zoro tells me, who is always hardworking and bullheaded.

    It is useless that you just dream it without practicing. Everybody can have this kind of daydream--gaining the life you want by dreaming or thinking. Unless you take practical actions to change the current situation step by step, or you will get nothing and everything you dreamed is empty. A map, no matter how accurate it is, can never move you forward on the ground forever. Any delay would block your way, while it comes from fear, and if you want to overcome it, you must take action without any hesitation, or all you have done will become the bubble of dream. No matter how much you said and thought, it just wasted your saliva and brain cell. Only the action can work. The strength of Zoro is well-known. He got hurts many times, but he never shout that hurt out. He learned carefully and thought it over again from in every hurt. Sometimes, getting hurt is not incapable, but teaching us how to be stronger. It is not important that how much pain it is or how much blood you bleed. The important thing is that you move a big step forward your dream.

    You should go your own way, and live bravely. That sea soldier, Usopp, tells me.In fact, he is the man who is closest to life. We all are common people, without the capability of Luffy, the sword skill of Zoro, the kicking skill of Sanji, and the shape change of Chopper. Most of us are ordinary, not smart like Nami, or clam and graceful like Robin. Yes, neither is Ussope. He has a little wit, and likes bragging. He leave an impression of "the weakest", but his heart is full with the longing and imagination of brave sea soldier. He said, what is your dream? Don't let your dream disappear, and go your own way. Die with your dignity, no matter which day you are in, no matter what you lost, even if you would face the death on the desert island.

    You should find the one you want to protect, and then treat him/her carefully and seriously, even if pay your life as the price. That guy Sanji tells me, who always has a cigarette in his mouth.

    To save his beloved, he sacrificed himself. That is the knight spirit. On matter where they are, people need a person that they can worry about, and only in this way, they can ease the fear that comes from being free too long. People just has one life, there is no need to choose the way you don't like, and it doesn't matter that you live or die randomly, but no matter which way you choose, never forget to protect the person you cherish. In our whole life, we always have someone we want to protect. Find him/her, and then cherish each other. Is it a happy thing?

    People will become strong when they want to protect someone who is important to them. Haku tells me, who is forbearing and selfless.

    Even if he was used like a tool, he still want to protect his most important person. Haku regarded himself as a tool of Zabuza, so he just pained, no gained. In the world, who can do like him, with such feeling? Why could his story make people cry? Because our life lacks this kind of faith. To be more specific, it is that we ourselves lack this kind of faith. We don't know what is important to us, let alone how to protect it. When Haku met Zabuza, he found the meaning of his life. When Kimimaro met Orochimaru, he also found his. If you are touched by the story of Haku, go find your important thing and protect it.

    There must be many happy thing if you are alive. That girl Nami tells me, who is smart and tenacious.Even if she suffered great difficults, she still could survive stanchly, and face everything optimistically. First of all, she made a clear goal, and she know quite well how to realize it by her own ability. An adult shouldn't expect to enjoy things people give you, and the one you should depend is yourself. Even as a girl, you should be like this--reposing your hope on yourself.

    "I want to travel around the world by the seamanship I have learned, and then draw a world map with what I have seen. " she said. Traveling around the world is many people's dream, but most of them give it up due to some reasons. It's common that just thinking but not practicing. In fact, we should go out and have a look when we are still young. To a girl, knowledge is very important. Seeing more, her horizonwill be widen, and her mind will be opened. The weakness of female will be less, and her advantage will be outstanding. Everything is adopted by us, but not mine. When people realize that, they would worry nothing.

    People are always silent when they are extremely sad and the comfort seems helpless. Anyway you couldn't feel the same as them. That guy Uchiwa Itachi tells me, who is strong and forbearing.

    Forgive me...Sasuke...it is the last time...at that moment, I bursted into tears. It seems that everybody in NARUTO had suffered something bad, but no one can bear the pain that Itachi is suffering. If you could dig out his heart, you must see a broken one. After he killed all villagers including his parents, he lives in this world bearing all the sin he had done, hated by his brother, who is the person he loves most. He always lives alone, forbearing and painfully, and does "the unpresentable deals" alone. Usually, people are impatient. They can not stand the unfair of life, or misunderstood by others. We feel sad, pour out, complain, try to gain others' sympathy, but we find that is useless. People who can enter your heart is not that much, while the person who can really understand you is even less. People all have their own life, and have little connection with others. In this world, it is indifferent and ruthless.

    You know, in this world, there always is someone who loves you. That guy Gaara tells me, who is regarded as a monster and is separated and hated since he was little.

    Can you understand? No one need him, and all he owns is the pain of "living". Undeniable, people are lonely. I remember that an elder said we can understood by others in many cases. The two hardest thing in our life are: putting your faith into others' mind and putting others' money into your pocket. But we try to do this two things all the time. Childhood is very important to one person, family environment plays an important role in the development of children's personality. The childhood of Gaara is full of loneliness and pain, and makes him an indifferent person. However, even if the hard ice can be melted by the warm of love. When he was caught by Akatsuki and his fellows tried to saved him, when jiyoba sacrifice her life for him, his ice heart was melted by that warm. When he homed, standing outside the village, all villagers came to welcome him. It is hard to express that touching feeling.

    I always want to be a person who is needed by someone one day...not as a terrible weapon...but as a Kazekage of the village of Sunagakure. Dear Gaara, you did it.

    You should believe that there is someone who loves you in this world, and he will find you. You should wait.

    I don't know why but I still think there is a hope in front, even if we experience.Anyway, we are alive, so we should give us some hope, right?
    Just like what the song is singing, everything will be right and everything all there will be. Please take things as they come, no matter what will happen in the future, don't quit.

    Just let it be. Young forever, touching forever. On the way, Blood is Burning.

    BTW, I found two new buttons in Mangahere?s navigation bars, they are LATEST RELEASES and MANGA LIST. LATEST RELEASES means LATEST MANGA RELEASES,that means you can find all the new released manga here, and the MANGA LIST means you can got all fo the manga you want, it?s more than 10K!!!

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    Re: What We Came Here For?!(About Naruto and One Piece)

    People will become strong when they want to protect someone who is important to them. Haku tells me, who is forbearing and selfless.

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