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Thread: What's the Best Way to Boost My English Skills?

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    What's the Best Way to Boost My English Skills?

    Read English books about business. If you're not participating in a language learning course online or using a language training software program, you can create some flashcards of new vocabulary words and review them regularly. phuong phap hoc tieng anh hieu qua nhat. It can train your vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. English, although rewarding, can be a difficult language to learn. 1. URL goc:Learning to Speak English - What Is The Best Way To Unleash Your Confidence? There should be pictures or visual aids for them to properly digest and absorb what are being taught to them. Best Way to Learn English Online CNN - CBS 5 There are on line sites designed for children as well as adults. .

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    Re: What's the Best Way to Boost My English Skills?

    English skills can be tricky at first. The best thing to do other then what was already listed for options is to litterly find someone who speaks your language and english. By doing that , they can teach you english like a teacher or tutor. I wont lie tho if you have bad english it will be a struggle.
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    Re: What's the Best Way to Boost My English Skills?

    I just recently found my self teaching brazilians english, well not teaching but helping on pronunciation. "Dont know if i spelled that right." But it is quite funnY. Uncharted sounded like unsharted when they talked. Baka baka baka lol

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