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Thread: Where is Gantz? o.o

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    Exclamation Where is Gantz? o.o

    Hi all I am new here,

    I was searching for a better manga site to replace the one I was using till now & after some research I decide to use Manga Here - Read English Manga Free Online. Manga is Here! so I start replacing all my old links (I have all the manga I read every week 20 in total in a browser folder) with the ones from this site & everything was going fine until Gantz turn came & I couldn't find it anywhere ~.~

    I was certain at some point that in this site I could find anything I wanted so that was very disappointing, can some1 explain me why mangahere doesn't have this amazing manga in the list? I am sure that all the veteran manga readers out there know very well this manga & how awesome it is, so what's the reason behind this? :/

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    Re: Where is Gantz? o.o

    Some sites just don't have the manga you're looking for.

    Luckily, others do. Click the link to go to Gantz 1, I'm sure you'll find your place from there.

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