Hi guys, i found that in the forum there aren't anything that talks about "favorite mangaka" and all i see is about "favorite manga" or "manga recommendation'', so i want to know "Who's your Favorite Mangaka so far?", please share your favorite mangakas and their work/s so there will still be a "Manga talk in it".. it'll be a good reference for me and for all of us peace

here is my list (* are my favorite Artist);

Obata Takeshi * & Ohba Tsugumi- artist & writer of the popular Death Note & Bakuman

Gosho Aoyama - Detective Conan

Inoue Takehiko * - Slam Dunk, Vagabond

Masashi Kishimoto - Naruto

Tite Kubo * - Bleach

Kazue Kato * - Blue Exorcist

Komi Naoshi - Nisekoi

Jin Kobayashi - School Rumble

Ito Ōgure (Oh Great) * - Air Gear

Yoshiki Tonogai - Doubt, Judge

Tamiki Wakaki - Kami nomi zo shiru sekai (The world God only knows)

Ryūhei Tamura - Beelzebub

Haruka Fukushima - Otona ni Nattsu (Instant Teen: Just add Nuts)

That's all For me (so far)
Atleast we should also know the names of the authors of our favorite manga
Thanks ^^,