Attention Otaku:
Since you are Otaku ....
both you and me need to spread this:

Hello everyone, through this publication I want to inform you about important news. It has been decided to appoint the day of otaku to be held this December 15. This decision has been taken in conjunction with other communities and we ask for your support because without it this won't work, because we are a community like any other, and need a day just for us ... we need your support to spread this message to all the pages of otaku you know and with this we will take the place we deserve,after all we are part of society.
I ask you to please support, remember, this December 15th is the World Day of Otaku.
Neee ... So copy and paste this message onegaii!
Paste in the life hotspot so most visited by otaku and anime and manga fans to Meet.
Thank You