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Thread: POTM: Alternate Holiday

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    POTM: Alternate Holiday

    I'm still alive. There is no doubt. I just wonder when I'll be reborn. What would be life if you suddenly woke up in the body of another all of a sudden. Would you still be the same person or become who you now represent? There are no true answers as it never has been described. If someone dies, this person leaves our society and we know not what becomes of this being.

    Imagine your life ending and the start of another taking place. Take this moment to recollect your life and seeing things on a different point of view. The year 2006 for everyone has been full of all kind of moments and it's not different from any other year that has passed us by.

    With this in mind, the topic that will conclude this year's contests will not be Christmas or any other jolly theme. The thoughts and feelings in this one will turn around this:

    Another life

    P.S.: I wonder if Raja_psyche won't mind that I didn't ask her about this and since Christmas is an important matter, I hope Kasai doesn't close this down and all...if the theme isn't appreciated, I'll just switch it

    Last words: Yeah, I've been away for a while, studies do that when one week or two are left. I'll be back, but not yet...but not the free man at the end of the movie "The Gladiator" says :P

    Here is my entry:

    Blind Eyes

    Days felt hindered under my new skin,
    A flow of life made me breathe something I did not know.
    Moving about seeing closely what others do not,
    Feelings nurtured under an incomprehensible experience.
    Once again time passed by without my knowledge,
    But I remained awake throughout it all...

    White flashes broke through my thoughts,
    Darkness had no hold upon my mind.
    Tilting back and forth on a single thread,
    Remaining centered by my will alone.
    To fight was to survive in this journey,
    Intersections of my being collided with another.

    Lost and pained without knowing of these sensations,
    Confused of what came in different forms from before.
    Learning once again the ways that life performs,
    The numbness letting way to recognition.
    My head is giving me life or death,
    But in the end I just simply can't chose...

    I confess that life's greatest joy is to ignore.
    (or to discover)
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: POTM: Alternate Holiday

    Confessions of a Prodigal

    Blinded with blood-tinged tears,
    Embraced by existent fears
    Walking along the rocky path
    Unsure where it will lead.

    Once, I drowned myself to riches
    Laid myself on the bed of ill wealth
    Surrounded by massive luxuries
    Pampered self to the sins of the world.

    I went to casinos and lotteries’ galore
    Spent treasures to satisfy this bodily longing,
    I wore diamonds and emeralds and rubies
    Faking myself to be the queen!

    Then there came the frightful day,
    I woke up in a bed of nails;
    Aching pain stabbed my head
    My once known riches, they left me!

    Now, guilt started to accompany
    Life’s every single day,
    Blaming my id personality
    For being such a wasteful person I’d been.

    Notes :Here's my sample on the POTM >_<
    i am not quite sure if it'll turn alright.

    @Sensai Soldat: ^_^ i liked the theme for the poem, it challenged me.

    Thank you very much,Reese for this wonderful signature ^_^

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