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Thread: Potw: 9/12 - 9/17

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    Potw: 9/12 - 9/17

    Write any form of poetry. The subject is Death.

    The prize will be 350 points.
    Seduced by Flesh

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    Re: Potw: 9/12 - 9/17

    on the side
    of the road

    there was a
    cat, laying dead.

    It was stretched
    out like it

    was sleeping soundly.
    So perfectly still.

    Gnats flying around
    the lifeless body.

    I just walked,
    kept walking ahead.

    Didn't look back,
    could'nt look back.

    What if that
    was my cat?

    Tears welled up,
    my nose sniffled.

    What if that
    had been Tybalt?

    What if that...
    What if that...

    ^_^ this may seem weak to you guys... but my cat is my baby...
    i wrote this for myself... please, respect that...

    ::sniffle:: trust me... I'M SUCH A SAP WHEN IT COMES TO MY CAT! i cried when she went to the vet... i cry at the thought of anything bad happening to her...

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    Re: Potw: 9/12 - 9/17

    Sorrowful Death

    A soul without a body
    A body without a soul,
    Will death make emptiness,
    Emptiness into fulfilment?

    Blood rushes from the head
    Down to the pale face,
    A fake smile is seen
    As tears continously falls.

    A mind becomes confused
    In a whirl of different images,
    Of what would death be like?
    Heart is on bloody strike!

    An eye becomes sightless,
    Body starts to become numb,
    Spirit starts to break away
    Bit by bit from the mortal body.

    Eyes starts to close
    As the Death's door opens,
    Pulling the spirit towards,
    Into the darkest moment.

    Mind is at constant wonder,
    What this death will offer
    As the body gets buried,
    As the body starts to rot.

    *sigh* death makes my think of different things... but i did my best on this poem...

    Thank you very much,Reese for this wonderful signature ^_^

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    Re: Potw: 9/12 - 9/17

    Grandfather Clock

    The clockwork is ticking,
    buzzing in my head.
    It is taunting me,
    haunting my mind.

    The rythmatic chimes clicking in my brain
    Making me think,
    Think of my time.
    My time left.


    Death had told me the time that had set,
    and nothing could hide me,
    nothing could save me.
    I am trapped in an eminate fate

    We are set to the destiny of our own,
    and to the destiny of others,
    our fates sequentially intervening.
    Where our souls connect.


    My restless mind will not let me be,
    for the clock still ticks,
    time still flows,
    And Death continues while our fates end.

    I am bound to these wretched gears,
    this wicked machinary.
    The swinging pendulum will not cease,
    It will pursue my psyche until he comes.


    It is on it's way,
    ready to end my fate,
    ready to fulfill it's destiny,
    Untwist our bound fortunes.

    The grandfather-clock sounds it's bell,
    as a void calls out to me,
    Life has gone,
    and Death is here.


    If this sounds horrible to anyone, it's because I wrote it when I was very tired and hardly awake. In fact, I was also writing one of my stories and I was so sleepy that the next day I looked at it and it had tons of typos.
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    Re: Potw: 9/12 - 9/17

    Death of the soul

    Hope within a heart beat,
    Grasping the light of one's soul.
    Yielding to kindness of all around,
    Offering a benevolent hand freely.
    Joy surpassing the darkness that seems far away.

    Cracks suddenly appear,
    A dear person no longer gives.
    Feeling corroded by her touch,
    Relentless is her despair.
    A gap between worlds is created.

    Splinters accumulate upon various parts,
    Growing dimmer by every strike.
    A single tear emerges,
    Letting it fall and everything else.
    Holding on to what is left.

    Shining again dreams come to life,
    Mind and body showing the delights of going on.
    New experiences collide one another,
    A chance to regain a lost shard comes forth.
    Wondering if life is meant to be lived.

    Installed again on the right path,
    Walking to what seems brighter than the last.
    Drenched in a strange light another comes forth,
    A crossroad of many possibilities.
    Standing on pebble stones that only wait to fall.

    Shattering footsteps crash all about,
    Meanings no longer exist.
    Faith is lost for half of me,
    Weary of darkness of many hearts.
    The shadow passes and makes all dark.

    Without a sigh or a look back,
    Neither confidence nor belief.
    Missing the light of the world,
    No regret remaining anymore.
    Death leaps out and another shard is lost.

    Writer's note:

    I just inspired myself from any lingering feelings I had and threw it all out, my way of clearing things and moving on.

    EDIT: And I don't if I should put soul or already part of the soul was gone, so maybe part of it could be a shard...just something to ponder on...
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Potw: 9/12 - 9/17

    Well, I have yet to decide the winner. However, this thread is closed.
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