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Thread: Potw 9-18/9-24

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    Potw 9-18/9-24

    Last weeks winner was: Abu Dhabi
    Runner up: BrightShadow_96

    Abu, your poem about the dead cat kept me intrigued on the subject. Well done.

    This weeks subject: Hope
    Seduced by Flesh

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    Re: Potw 9-18/9-24

    Hope is like...
    a bag.
    something that you carry around with you.
    something that holds what you hold dear.

    At times, it can be a hassel to carry.
    on a day that's turning bad, hot, or long.
    it can tear sometimes, it's contents spilling out.

    it can be a fragile thing.
    easily ripped or broken or soaked or lost.

    That's why you have to hold it close to your heart, where it belongs.

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    Re: Potw 9-18/9-24

    Forbidden lover, best friend

    In some kind of weak existence
    I hear you

    When all the day has gone
    And all that there is left is
    I see you

    As I move from place to place
    I listen for
    The harsh caw of the crow
    And I feel you

    Peoples faces interchange in traffic
    Looking up in thoughtlessness
    You appear
    And I lose you

    Depending on my carelessness
    Tripping over my own reverie
    I remember our adventure
    And I fall for you.

    Withdrawing from you is the hardest thing
    The music bringing me back
    I refuse
    I savor you

    I hope someday we can meet again
    Until then
    I miss you

    I'm a glass child. I am Hannah's regrets. Monster.

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    Re: Potw 9-18/9-24

    White light

    Inside or out,
    We all are blessed.
    With the feeling of hope inside of us,
    Nothing stands stronger than oneself.
    Granting a moment of peace throughout,
    Feeling it touch you and feeling good inside.

    Holding, grasping, absorbing,
    Reaching out to it all.
    Floating in your mind,
    Calling out to everyone out there.
    Running on an endless thought,
    Crying out a single word.

    While the wait may be long,
    There is no despair in the air.
    As the answer comes from somewhere,
    There is only one thing expressed.
    Fleeting ideas that are no more,
    Granting white light that is warmer than love.
    Quote Originally Posted by Soldat of life View Post
    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Potw 9-18/9-24

    An Optimistic Core

    Darkness gives rise of sadness,
    Sadness that causes several sins,
    Sins that make a person feel,
    Feel submission to eternal defeat.

    Psyche's being harshly stroked,
    Stroked by the past memories,
    Memories of a hundred people,
    People who never shown concern.

    Blaming all of it to cruel life,
    Life that is always unjust and unfair,
    Unfair in the sense of choosing,
    Choosing a being susceptible to losing.

    I have been to that road before,
    Before I met a special someone,
    Someone who became my sunshine,
    Sunshine that saved me from darkness.

    Giving emotional warmth,
    Warmth that I once thought,
    Thought it was mere dream,
    Dream now he makes to reality.

    This optimistic core shows beauty,
    Beauty in everything he sees,
    Sees positive out of the negative,
    Negative is a thing he will never miss.

    “In spite of the troubles,
    He never gave up hope
    An optimistic feeling that
    Everything is going to turn out well.”

    Thank you very much,Reese for this wonderful signature ^_^

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    Re: Potw 9-18/9-24

    Shining eyes
    shining tears
    lovely life

    all you can hear
    the rays of light coming to clear
    all those bad feelings u had near

    hope is existed in ur heart
    when you're feeling sad
    it gives you another chance

    to keep hoping of a new start
    and being surronded by love
    stars shining in ur eyes

    waiting for the moment
    waiting for the sign
    waiting for a cheer

    all that u can think of is in here
    inside the heart and hopes
    and eternal dreams
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    perdoname michelle!

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