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Thread: Workout.1- Ballad Poetry!

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    Workout.1- Ballad Poetry!

    Well, I figure I'd throw in something a little different. To keep the clan fresh and new. What I want from the members, is a ballad (or the part from the ballad you loved most) that you've found and read. I want you to interpret that ballad and tell me what you think it means. And then write one or more quatrains that show that feeling.

    Now, this quatrain(s) will be different than practice.1-Ballad Poetry. It doesnt have to tell a story. But you still have to keep the format.

    This workout is meant to access your interpreting skills and to put your newly found literary device to work. So, shall we begin?

    The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde

    He did not wear his scarlet coat,
    For blood and wine are red,
    And blood and wine were on his hands
    When they found him with the dead,
    The poor dead woman whom he loved,
    And murdered in her bed.

    He walked amongst the Trial Men
    In a suit of shabby gray;
    A cricket cap was on his head,
    And his step seemed light and gay;
    But I never saw a man who looked
    So wistfully at the day.

    I never saw a man who looked
    With such a wistful eye
    Upon that little tent of blue
    Which prisoners call the sky,
    And at every drifting cloud that went
    With sails of silver by.

    I walked, with other souls in pain,
    Within another ring,
    And was wondering if the man had done
    A great or little thing,
    When a voice behind me whispered low,
    "That fellow's got to swing."

    Dear Christ! the very prison walls
    Suddenly seemed to reel,
    And the sky above my head became
    Like a casque of scorching steel;
    And, though I was a soul in pain,
    My pain I could not feel.

    I only knew what haunted thought
    Quickened his step, and why
    He looked upon the garish day
    With such a wistful eye;
    The man had killed the thing he loved,
    And so he had to die.
    As you can see, this ballad is about a man who comitted murder. And while he is in jail? He was constantly remembering what he had before, that which he took. I dont have a ballad response yet. I plan on having one soon.
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    Re: Workout.1- Ballad Poetry!

    "The Unfinished Puzzle"

    by Susan Wheat from Denham Springs, LA
    e-mail: [email protected]

    It was a typical autumn evening,
    she sat, with her memories, in the porch swing.
    The crisp air a gentle hint
    of what winter would soon bring.

    He died one year ago today,
    her husband of only four years.
    She never knew of his pain,
    he had shielded her from his tears.

    Suddenly she shivered and went inside,
    feeling so very cold.
    But she knew it wasn't the cool evening air,
    it came from within her soul.

    She glanced around the room,
    so many memories, so much pain,
    then she saw the unfinished puzzle,
    all of him that remained.

    His worldly possessions shared with others,
    her memories their only tie,
    except for the unfinished puzzle,
    afraid to remove it, not knowing why.>

    He had chosen the puzzle,
    a scene of mountains reaching high.
    Together they had matched the pieces,
    talked of climbing the mountains and touching the sky.

    One piece of the puzzle was missing,
    she had searched to her dismay.
    He said, "Don't worry about the unfinished puzzle,
    the missing piece will be found one day."

    She reached for their photo album,
    the first time since his death.
    She needed to see his face now,
    she needed to feel his depth.

    She turned the pages slowly,
    so many memories, so much pain.
    And within the pages of the album,
    an envelope with her name.

    The envelope contained a letter from him,
    and the puzzle's missing piece.
    She read the words with longing,
    and found in them release...

    "I knew you would not look at these pictures
    until you understood within your soul,
    that our brief time together was a gift,
    and our life together was whole.

    I give to you this missing piece
    of the unfinished puzzle we shared.
    It's the very top of the mountain,
    and I know that you are there.

    It's time for you to see the other side,
    a new life for you will unfold.
    Seek your new beginning
    and the stories yet untold.

    Now put the missing piece
    at the mountaintop so high,
    and if you ever need me,
    just reach up and touch the sky."

    White snow falls upon the top,
    The mountain side simply watching it subside.
    I look upon its highest peak,
    I wonder to myself, wondering from inside.

    As I peer at the sky so high,
    Nothing seems to come out.
    What I did not realise,
    Was the disary that I was without.

    Thinking of hardships I could not contain,
    My life had a new meaning as the clouds passed by.
    Someone else had replaced what once was you,
    The one I longed for, I could not lie.

    Within my now forgiven state,
    I could look to the mountains clearly now.
    Whole again there was no doubt,
    To your mysterious words I now bow.

    Life goes on and I stand tall,
    Your reasoning growing upon me.
    I thank you deeply for what you offered,
    Now I can truly understand and clearly see.

    I could go on and on, but I think this should...maybe....euh...probably be clear enough, kinda like a recap on what happened next in her life or something like that....soooo......that's that :P
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    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Workout.1- Ballad Poetry!

    By Rudyard Kipling
    Blue Roses
    The Light that Failed

    Roses red and roses white
    Plucked I for my love's delight.
    She would none of all my posies--
    Bade me gather her blue roses.

    Half the world I wandered through,
    Seeking where such flowers grew.
    Half the world unto my quest
    Answered me with laugh and jest.

    Home I came at wintertide,
    But my silly love had died
    Seeking with her latest breath
    Roses from the arms of Death.

    It may be beyond the grave
    She shall find what she would have.
    Mine was but an idle quest--
    Roses white and red are best!

    Bouquet of red and white roses
    Tied in white and blue laces
    Placed on my love's sepulchre,
    Sealed in eternal slumber.

    Deep sorrow is what i feel,
    With wounds that never heal.
    Tears of antagonizing pain,
    Will eventually make me insane.

    ~reading this ballad makes made me sad. it was hard for me to put in words what i feel... but i tried... ^^

    Thank you very much,Reese for this wonderful signature ^_^

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    Re: Workout.1- Ballad Poetry!

    ''bloody tears''

    black skys
    bloody rains
    a sign of eternal pain
    Gasy clouds clearing the rays

    of hope and words o sorrow
    trying to get out of the cage
    fury and rage
    all that can it give
    to get out of ur mistakes
    in life

    Bloddy tears covering ur surrond
    giving eternal darkness
    to ur life
    giving u desesparetion
    taking ur own life
    for glorificacion

    perdoname michelle!

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