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Thread: Workout.1- Personal Writing

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    Re: Workout.1- Personal Writing

    my post part two, lol


    “Why not? I stole it for you,” said Rubert. His voice suddenly not his own; it rapidly grew cold and absolutely sure of everything it said: the alluring voice of sin. Rubert stood quickly bringing out the knife and brought it near his face.

    Light, reflecting off the blade, gleamed across his face. His eyes were bloodshot, narrow and distant, each pulsing with a murderous intent. His nose was small and slightly bent nursing a broken bone. His mouth was curved upward in a happy, twisted smile. The front of long, sharpened objects protruded out of the mouth, yellowish in color and rotting to the gums. His skin was pale, paler than the feeble light that the two moons fought over.

    Mary shrieked silently and shuffled backwards. She plunged deeper into the darkness feeling her way along the wooden planked floor. Ahead she could hear heavy, steel-toed boots keeping even pace with her and she also heard a low, cackling laugh advancing at the same speed. Suddenly Mary collided her back with a dampened stone wall and immediately curled into a tight ball with her eyes alert and watching the silhouette watching her back.

    Suddenly the door swung open and slammed against the wall, a cloud a rising dust filled the air. Trails of light blown through the dust as though it were not even there and silhouetted out a dark figure standing a head and a half smaller than the door-frame. Mary jerked up sharply and stared at the door.

    The shadowed figure looked down on them with piercing blue eyes with a sinister darkness to them. The pupils looked mystifying; kind of like water’s surface, always changing and rippling. The eyes remained half-hidden behind a thin curtain of straight black hair that swept across his face like a veil of soft silk that shimmered in the moonlight. The figure looked to be extremely well-built, but not muscularly adept, more of one who understood what his body needed and acted upon those needs flawlessly.

    Rubert stood rooted still looking at Mary as though the arrival of the figure was anticipated, and welcomed. His mouth twitched and a second later blood had beaded and ran down to his chin in a small fine line, finer than the purest pen stroke. Rubert turned to face the figure that was still hidden behind the dust and smiled.

    “Ah, Biggs,” Rubert spoke with a tantalizing sweetness. “What kept ya? I almost began without ya.” Rubert paused and took a step closer to the figure. “Biggs, where’s Wedge?”

    “Them?” spoke the figure; it belonged to a man with a cold and slightly raspy voice. As the man spoke it seemed almost in a mocking tone. “So they had a name, if I had known that,” he paused for a slight moment which was filled with uncoordinated laughing. “I would not have mistaken them for animals ready for slaughtering.”

    Rubert’s expression stiffened as sweat drops appeared along the side of his temple. He was taking in air gasps, sharp and yet taking in no air. It was like every fibber of his will vanished instantly from within and escaped through holes the size of rice grain. Behind him Mary quivered yet held her gaze on the stranger, her eyes were bulging however scared she was, she felt a kind presence from the stranger that she could not yet explain.

    The stranger took a step into the small storeroom and another and another until he was directly standing a foot away from Rubert. The stranger’s hand was held tight on the bloody sword at his side, though made no attempt to use it yet. Rubert stared back into those dark eyes with pure contempt.

    “You killed them?” said Rubert with a shaky voice, it was clear that he didn’t want it to be true. “You actually killed them, for no reason…you little shit!”

    The stranger looked deep into Rubert’s eyes in an inspecting manner. Then slowly he lowered his head—wet water mingled with specks of blood dripped off accordingly—in an unmistakable nod.

    Rubert’s eyes flashed with rage. His body twitched as though holding back the strong desire to lash out at the stranger. A black light rose up around Rubert, engulfing him; the light lashed out and rose up in fury, much like a tsunami. The light was colored purple with fine lines of pure black. Rubert reared back his left hand and extended it forward, aiming it straight for the stranger’s cheek.

    Mary panicked when she had seen Rubert expose the light, though she did not know why. For now she was more afraid of Rubert—whom she knew all of her life—rather than the stranger. Mary edged away from the pair and took refuge behind some barrels she found in a corner. During intervals of hiding she would peer over the top of one of the barrels to see how things faired, for her or not.

    The stranger made no indication that an attack was heading straight for him. He did however grin, though the grin was barely seeable in the darkened storeroom. The punch landed, hard, against his cheek. The stranger turned his head with the punch, because of the blood on his face and water the hand made little damage and had slipped away.

    “So,” spoke the stranger in a low conversing tone after he returned his head. “That’s the power of the ‘Black Scripture’? I must say, I am disappointed.”

    Rubert was already on the attack again with the other hand flashing in the shallow light. The stranger shot out his left—and weaponless—hand. The punch was deflected with a simple block and was countered with a choke grab. Rubert was lifted off his feet as the stranger walked him over to a nearby wall and pressed him against it with force.

    “You have two choices,” spoke the stranger with cold anger. “Well make that three. You can simply hand over the Black Scripture and live. Or I can take the idiotic thing from your dead cold hands. Or you can try fighting me, and lose and I’ll have the scripture anyways. What’s your choice?”

    Rubert stared at him; it was plain by the sight on his face how much he loathed his current predicament. He tried to place some clever kicks in the knee of the stranger, but to no avail. Rubert simply went limp and answered.

    “If you don’t kill me now,” he said. “That one day I promise to get strong enough to kill you!”

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    Re: Workout.1- Personal Writing

    This is the only part I have of my story, Untitled at the moment. I havent looked at it in a year.
    “The world around us is never as it seems. There is always a change to our environment. There are even changes to our selves. Though it may seem that these changes are unnecessary, they are vital to our survival. Survival is what we strive for, is it not? So even if these changes are a day late and a dollar short, know that they will come.”

    Those words were spoken to me as a child. I was even forced to repeat them time after time. That was a ritual I did everyday until the message was ingrained into my memory. Till this day I think of those words as raw pieces of….”Satisa!” My mother screamed, her voice shattering the silence of my room. Mothers are always doing that kind of stuff. Interrupting your thoughts just so you can slave all day for them. Satisa do this. Satisa do that. Some days, I wish I were another person, in a different world, with different rules. I guess you could say that I’m wishing for a change. But don’t get me wrong I want to stay the same. I just wish there was a place I could go to escape the hell I’m in now.

    “Satisa Nikhaya Vosdon!” My mother screeched again. My goodness could she yell. “Get your fast butt here, right this minute!” Sighing I get up from my comfortable bed and open my bedroom door. But right before I could exit my sanctuary, I nearly stepped on my precious cat. His name is Vos. The first syllable of my last name is his first. I guess as a blue persian he’s a pretty lazy cat. Rolling my eyes I walk towards my mother’s dressing room. We were rich after all. We had a room for almost everything. There is no such thing as a closet in our house. But, I guess having a thirty bedroom, nine bath, house will suffice. Did I mention my mother was fashion designer, Beverly Vosdon? That’s right, my mother is the famous fashion designer Beverly Vosdon. You can see her clothes on the red carpet of every major award ceremony or moving opening. But surprisingly, the only good thing she’s done as a mother is teach me the tricks of her trade.

    I’m seventeen years old, and I know how to run a fortune five-hundred company. I’m also my mother’s personal assistant. Every paycheck that I get from my mother/boss, I enter into my savings account for college. Let me be the first to say that old Satisa is doing pretty well. I’m pretty sure you’re asking yourself why would I want a different life? Let me tell you, being the daughter of Ms. Vosdon is hard. Being a young black spanish teen is hard enough.
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    Re: Workout.1- Personal Writing

    Here's something that I wrote in mine.Hope it's okay 2 put here,since it was kinda a poem thingy I wrote lol Sorry if it's a bit long,I just couldn't stop writting.

    Angel's Night

    Night is Beauty
    Day is Light
    And just to Bright
    Screaming winds
    Drown all sound

    Blood boiling
    Never ending
    Screams of terror
    Rain that turns into blades

    Turn into floods
    Come forth to incase us all

    Night is nothing but Beauty
    Day is nothing but a Light that is to Bright
    Winds that scream the names of all that are lost
    Sound that may never be heard of again

    Blood may pour from the sky
    Never ending Red
    Rain of danceing blades

    Dark Clouds
    Thunder and Lightning
    Winds that scream out all of our pain
    River's that flood
    Come above and chase us away

    Beauty of the Night
    Angel of sweet death
    Come forth with you judgement
    What will be your answer

    Angel of death will claim us all
    Maybe some sooner,than later
    We may all never know
    The answer we all seem to seek....
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    Made by- Ryomakurosaki (Thank you sooooo much!!) ^__^

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    Re: Workout.1- Personal Writing

    The limelight shone on her from above. The people below here could only stare as she…

    Million miles away, the girl named Sabrina was getting ready for school. She slipped on a decent looking tank top, stared at the mirror and fidgeted around with her hair hoping to tame her wild hair. After what seems like an eternity, she finally went downstairs and ate her breakfast. She sighed at the sight of cereal. She has been eating it every single day ever since she told her grandma she loved it. Never tell what you like to eat or she’ll force you to munch it down… she thought. Soon after, she grabbed her bag and quickly head off for school. She was half hoping that this new guy in school would bump into her that morning. He was a blonde with blue eyes, attractive features and an awesome personality. Honestly, she had doubts any girl could resist him, well maybe except that sister of her, Jeanne. She has a PERFECT boyfriend. Except that she doesn’t realizes it and seemed to ignore everything he’s ever done for her.

    Sabrina was on her way to the corner when suddenly a sudden explosion occurred barely a few feet from her. She was thrown to the ground. Luckily for her, she was barely scratched. She looked up to see the incident when she saw the weirdest thing in her life. She gasped. Nothing was moving. Not the cars, the birds, people on the road, nothing. Before her very eyes, she just witnessed how time stopped. Unable to move, she felt something cold on her neck, something hard.
    “Do not move,” a voice commanded from behind her. Instantly, her whole body went stiff. “Move forward and don’t stop until I tell you,” it had a cold, merciless, and oddly high pitched voice. Sabrina’s head was spinning and she ended up collapsing into the stranger’s arms. Her world went blank after that.

    It's really weird and strange because I did it in a hurry. >< I had no time.

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    Re: Workout.1- Personal Writing

    I started a new story called "Finding Love". Its not fanfiction, just something I made up
    Chapter 1: Diary Entry

    *sigh* Another day, another time.....I like my life but it gets lonely at a time. Can you blame me? Well don't. My name is Tenjo, Rora. I'm an eleventh grader at Mehioh High so I live. I'm seventeen years of age; have dark brown eyes and hair. If my height wants to be known, I'm 6'5 and I'm Japanese-American (I live in Japan).

    Well enough of my appearance, now about me. I'm one of the popular boys at my school. The girls love me and I'm the best on my basketball team. I got lots of friends, but I also have some enemies. I don't do drugs, but I drink a beer or two with my boys. Never been arrested and I consider myself the best son a parent could have. I'm an only child and I only have a mother. My father died two years after I was born so its been just me and my mother.

    My romance life you probably want to know right? Well I'm single. I do date alot, but I have yet found the right person for me. The girls are great don't get me wrong, but it got me thinking. At the end of most of my dates, "Am I into guys?" clicks into my head. For some reason I think I am. I've never been with one, but it won't be hard to experiment right?

    It's late so I'm going to head to bed. I got to get up early to meet up with the boys. Laters
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    Re: Workout.1- Personal Writing

    Dark alley
    I walked down a black alley in the night darkness everywhere.I then stopped suddenly in front of a big tall man with a cloak. My body suddered with fear when he came at me bearing a bare fist but I quickly side steped his punch missed and hit the side of the alley. I started to run fast till i was back at home again.The man busted though the door just to see I had called the cops. The man ended up in jail.

    not my best

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