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Thread: Workout.2 - Free Verse

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    Workout.2 - Free Verse

    Create a poem about an event of creepiness. Let's say, I write about walking home one night and I felt as if someone was watching me. Or, in my house something really weird starts to happen.

    I'd write a poem about'em. So, anything too hard to comprehend? Should I change my wording?

    Get busy!
    Seduced by Flesh

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    Re: Workout.2 - Free Verse

    in the morning darkness
    light came
    from the suns of man
    that lined the streets

    in that fading light
    stood a figure
    simply wating

    his stance was
    oppsote from mine
    his eyes
    in another direction

    but i felt
    they were going my way
    as i walked down
    a long dark road

    fear was running up
    down my body
    like a flight of stairs

    only until i heard
    familiar dogs
    did i not turn my head in fear

    only until i was
    in the bed of my lover
    did my heart
    feel bright

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    Re: Workout.2 - Free Verse

    The Call

    I see the task set before me,
    Walking along a path already made.
    The lights go out one after another,
    A cemetary on my left with eerie lights.
    Sensing souls all around me,
    To keep them away I cannot.

    At home my thoughts are suddenly at loss,
    I think upon the walk I had.
    Presence of any desire leaves my body,
    Wishing to be rid of this strange feeling.
    As I fall asleep in my bed,
    Nightmares fill my uneasy mind.

    Not long after I awaken in sweat,
    The cemetary lying around me wherever I look.
    Sounds unwelcoming fill my ears,
    Hands from the ground greet my awakening.
    Finally I rest for one last time,
    My body slowly decomposing among the dead.
    Quote Originally Posted by Soldat of life View Post
    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Workout.2 - Free Verse


    Got home from work late again
    Watching the stars
    In the kitchen now
    Light flickers above the sink

    For a second i hold my breath
    Something has caught my attention
    An off set hum beckoning me to come outside
    I hesitate and then lock the door quickly

    I swear them aliens are out to get me
    With there camo skin

    Uneasy i lay in my bed
    There eyes are watching
    Stars miles behind them
    They live in my backyard

    UFO Conference - Mexican Never Seen UFOs - Fantastic !!! - Google Video

    ***This free verse is about this video. I am still freaked out about it. If you watch the whole thing. You might be too! But it is long! Over an hour! And i still can't walk around the house at night without bieng all paranoid

    I'm a glass child. I am Hannah's regrets. Monster.

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    Re: Workout.2 - Free Verse

    Third eye

    Why am I seeing things
    That people can’t see?
    Why am I hearing screams
    That no one can’t hear?

    Every now and then I fear,
    Of seeing people who are bleeding,
    But every time I draw near,
    My hands pass right through them.

    My ears are getting worn-out,
    From the infinite deafening screams,
    The endless curses of revenge,
    The pleas for help on unfinished business.

    What can I possibly do?
    I couldn’t ask anyone for help!
    Alone would I ever suffer,
    From this life I am fated for.

    Thank you very much,Reese for this wonderful signature ^_^

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    Re: Workout.2 - Free Verse

    A night full of torment
    screams, blood everwere
    dark nights full of killers
    bats flying eating anything

    Houses that can swallow cars
    crud meat on the floor
    walking gouls
    doors that open by themself

    laughts with creepines
    a lot of death evry hour
    and raise of the dead
    on the hour

    A town full of ghost
    building cracked with
    cerberus guarding
    demons and red glares

    perdoname michelle!

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