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Thread: Code Geass R2

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    Re: Code Geass R2

    Alright i fnished if R2 ages ago (2008)
    And you people do no that lelouch aint dead ryt?

    Im Clearly A Vamire ^,…,^

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    Re: Code Geass R2

    the 2nd season of CG wasn`t that bad at all after all it has some teaser episodes that made me interested^_^

    Kallen vs. Suzaku......Kallen won in the match...Guren reach the cockpit of the Lancelot^_^
    Lelouch didn`t die cuz he get the CODE of immortality from his own father...and GEASS od manipulating minds??? that`s the reason why it is called code geass right?

    I was a little confused by the montage of scenes that came when she touched his hand. DOES NUNNALLY HAVE A GEASS THAT LET'S HER SEE THE PAST? WHOA SPINOFF.

    They could always attempt to make this into anime:
    Baka-Updates Manga - Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally

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    Re: Code Geass R2

    To quote the Forum Rules...
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