Unofficial name for the primordial battle between Adam and Lilith (technically speculative). To summarize: Adam arrived on Earth first and was slated to produce a human race to inhabit it ("the true successors from the White Moon"), but, due to sheer bad luck, Lilith's Black Moon collided into the planet in the vicinity of current-day Antarctica. (This resulted in First, or Giant, Impact, and the creation of Luna.) As another Seed of Life, Lilith had a duty to perform, as well -- but, since one planet can only support one form of life, one of the two Seeds had to be neutralized. Wielding the Spear of Longinus, her weapon and energy source, Lilith confronted her counterpart within the White Moon so as to determine, through a duel using the Spears both had been sent with, which of them was more worthy to bring humanity to Earth. Adam was defeated, run through with Lilith's Spear of Longinus and placed into suspended animation -- only to be discovered and reawakened by Lilith's own offspring some four billion years later.

The most blatant hint in the show is the image of Adam being exhumated, wherein the tines of the Spear of Longinus are visible emerging from her back -- i.e., she's skewered on it. A long while back, Shin-seiki forwarded the idea that it was Lilith who did the impaling, the only probable scenario since "Lilith was the only other living being around at the time [and she] had means, motive, and opportunity." This took a while to sink in, though, since people (like Reichu) can be rather dense at times. Things seemed to start falling into place a bit more succinctly once the Spear's ties to Lilith were properly addressed. The NGE2 Classified Information also turned up, the contents of which buttressed and elaborated upon the assembly work we'd already done. I've also speculated that the battle between EVA-02 and EVA-01 in #24 is, in essence, a "replay" of the initial duel: only between "Adam's alter ego" (spoken by Kaworu, #24) and "Lilith's alter ego" (Keel, #25') this time around, with the Black Moon as the stage.

Here is the image of adam that I mention in the beginning of the first paragraph:

The biblical tale of the Great Flood is told as a bad cop/good cop story. In the first part, God was angry with Mankind and decided it should perish in the watery avalanche. Then God decided to save the human race and other life forms by telling Noah to build an ark that will survive the catastrophe, and take on board his family (for Mankind’s survival) and all manner of animals, in male & female pairs.

Critics Of the Bible have pointed out that the ark, whose dimensions are given, could not have possibly hold all the purported animal species. The valid comment has, however, a simple yet an amazing explanation.

We now know that the biblical deluge tale came from earlier sources - the writings of the Sumerian civilization that blossomed out in Mesopotamia (mostly today’s Iraq) some 6,000 years ago. In that tale it is one god, Enlil, who seeks Mankind’s demise, and another (Enki) who devises the rescue plan. The latter was the Mesopotamian god of science, a great biologist who was involved in genetically upgrading Homo-erectus to Homo-sapiens. And what did be provide to Noah to take aboard to save animal and crop life? The Sumerian text clearly answers: the “Seed of Life,” the DNA of animals and crops not the animals as such!

You can see how Enki and Enlil (elohim and yahweh) can be seen to be Lilith and Adam as well, and that the 'biblical flood' is why various cities in the Evangelion universe are underwater (god was angry with mankind and decided it should perish in the watery avalanche, called the second impact).

The seed of life (also called the genesis pattern) is also a geometric pattern that holds within itself the flower of life pattern, which holds within itself the tree of life pattern as follows:

If you ratchet the seed of life pattern around you get a tube torus, which is the same shape as the super solenoid, which is a generator of charge, spirit, orgone, chi, etc, which is based on implosive vortex technology rather than explosive based technology that nerv use.

Regardless of the actual purpose or origin of the spear, there are several things that are clear. 2 seeds were NEVER meant to land on the same planet. Adam (white moon) was supposed to land on Earth, Lilith (black moon) was not. There's evidence in the show about this (adam = true successor, lilith = false successor). It's also clear that the lifeforms spawned from these 2 seeds are incompatible (2I, the ecosystem is incompatible for lilum life, but it was compatible for adam-based lifeforms). Given the assumption that the Lance belonged to Lilith (the NGE2 CI states that the seeds were given a "security device"), some altercation occured long before there was life on Earth because Adam was impaled by it. Whether it was a "duel", a battle, or something as dumb as Adam being asleep and Lilith snuck up and stabbed Adam, who knows. Either way, Lilith had to do something so that Adam's progeny cannot populate the Earth, so that Lilith can populate it with her own progeny.

You know that these moons were from a planet called nibiru by the Sumerians, and marduk by the Babylonians. The anunnaki, or nephilim (these names were translated to the word giants in the Bible and other texts, giants as in Adam/Lilith like giants) were from this planet that is now either the asteroid belt due to a collision with Tiamat or out on a very far-flung orbit around our solar system. If you ask me, crashing two of the moons of marduk into earth was not a mistake. Also, isn't marduk called the first child born of the apsu?

What about the honey-comb structure inside the black moon, Shin-Seki? Some of the alien entities inside those must have died during larval stage or whatever the case may be, because some of them still remain closed. This explains where nerv gets some of their parts for the evangelions. Wouldn't those entities that were born be considered angels, and wouldn't that give a new angle to the war in heaven, this time around between Lilith who is sided with Sammuel against Adam who is sided with Eve.

What if their was a rebellion against Adam, what if the angels of Lilith killed Adam? What if Adam's batch of angels killed him? Shouldn't all of these scenarios be taken in consideration, before final conclusions are drawn.

The object in question is an ancient artifact that arrived on earth 4+ billion years ago with Lilith. Calling it the Lance of Longinus is a gratuitous pseudo-religious reference, since for a significant part of the series, we have it stuck in the side of a large, god-like being that has been crucified.

Well, just to be picky, it's stuck square through the middle of her chest (= sternal region).

Incidentally, that seems to be the same place where Lilith got Adam.

Just FYI, Eve=Eva. ("Eva" is what Eva/Chavvah is called in German.) "Eva" is a reference to the Eve of the Old Testament -- that they're "made from Adam" is a clear tipoff.

Sammael (a.k.a. Satan) is referenced, as well, with the angelic figure in the opening sequence and the motif of 12 wings. The Wings of Light in general are associated with "the Devil" (akuma).

They have their place in "Evangelion" -- they just need to be kept in context...

(If you already knew that... maybe somebody else didn't.