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Thread: Elfen Lied

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinku no kage View Post
    You should understand that most animes completely detours from the story of the original manga after a certain point in the story. For example lets take Full Metal Alchemist (I'd use Elfen Lied but I havent read the manga so) til the point that Greed appears the main storyline is almost exact to the manga...after that its basically two seperate worlds.

    As far as short series go, I believe that they have the most work put in. Its because you have to summarize the story into so many episodes while keeping it interesting. Also this helps prevent the studio from losing money if the series wasnt a success.

    Also, leaving the story without a real conclusion leaves a door open to a sequel. I think that the series "Godanner" was suppose to end at 13 but since it did great they extended it to 26(?) episodes. Another note is that this also leaves a lot for fans to work off of with if they create doujinshis aka fanzines.

    So as far as Elfen Lied goes it did great working off of just those number of episodes. They may never really do a sequel or anything like that but still, it was an accomplished series. I'm pretty sure that the manga's story was epic in its own way...I really gotta find the manga.
    well i can understand the money stand point and keepin a fan base. but its kinda of like berserk. i really liked it but my friend told me the manga for the second part was way more bloodier than the series so they didnt want to put the rest of it into a series rather just keep it a manga. so sometimes i agree others is just meh!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoods View Post
    ONe of the best 11-13 ep series I've seen.I do know that it's 13 but I'm clumping them all together. It was a very different story. I'd put it up there with The Melancholy of haruhi suzumiya.
    whats melancholy of haruhi suzumiya about? i dont think i have ever heard of this one.....
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    Smile Re: Elfen Lied

    Quote Originally Posted by Shermanator View Post
    I just recently finished Elfen Lied and i thought that Lucy was the shadow at the door when that broken clock finally chimed...but I thought the series could have been longer. It was an awesome anime but a little short for me..they left so many things unanswered.
    Well i personALY think the same but i liked dat it made you question and think more than say well i am so sad but i think it was way to short

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    Re: Elfen Lied

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