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You can't really compare Gurren Lagann and Gundam, they're not even on the same playing field. Gainax is its own universe of incredible awesomeness.
Gundam=Politics mecha

Gurren Lagann=? mecha

Gurren was good because it was something new, yeah we might have foreseen Kamina dying, and we also expected a happy ending, but that was not the case with this show. when ever a character becomes a crutch to Simon instead of that character being kidnap or taken away (even though one of them was at one time),they end up dead and the happy ending is not for the hero, it is for the people he was trying to save. How many animes have your seen where the main character has no consequences for his actions, gets the girl, and becomes a legend to his people, that is what sets a side like this show from Gundam. that is why it is so much better then hearing the same old gundam plot with the same political bs that is associated with an atypical Gundam series (for some, if gundam didn't have those sweet mechas, they would not of sat threw the whole series I know people who have told me so), That is why people might say that it is so much better than Gundam and any other mecha show because it creates a new genre of mecha, that is why I question marked this show because you cannot base this show as a gundam or a escaflowne because it is it's own beast. yeah it might of had it's own monster of the week episodes, but the characters had way more depth then any other show. this series could have easliy been as long as a gundam series, but then it would loose that delivery that it had because the characters would have been over explained instead of the viewer getting that feeling that the character was feeling (b/c emotion is not spread out over time, it usally a sudden burst of emotion that happens fast) when his bro dies or when we realize that because he defeated the anti-spirals that in essense he killed Nia, that is what makes this show so much better than any gundam that I have seen so far, and I own a few of the gundam series. I would not be so quick as to judge this show as just a mecha show until you really watch this show because their is so much going on during this show, just like any Gainax show, this was not as complex as watching Eva, but it is easy for anyone that is watching this show to understand this show. I agree with Sazuka in that you can't compare the two because they are two totally different genres of mechas and I think you have two watch both with that kind of mind.

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Omg omg omg omg!
Escaflowne plz. Thx. ILU.

Sorry, I just had to put Escaflowne in, I think there would be serious damage done there. But......hmm would be interesting to see all the mechas duke it all out.
Escaflowne=Fantasy mecha

Also a must see anime