14. S2 Engine

A. Publicly Released Information

Data unavailable.

B. Generally Recognized Information

The "Super Solenoid Engine" is the Angels' source of limitless motive energy. It is thought that this gives the Angels abilities such as self-regeneration and metamorphosis that, for living creatures, go beyond the bounds of common sense.

C. Confidential Information

The S2 Engine Theory was advocated by Dr. Katsuragi. As the world is formed with spirals, the engine acquires energy from its shape, which is the same as DNA. From here, the S2 Engine was being envisioned as an energy source that would attempt to procure helical energy -– in other words, an inexhaustible supply.*

D. In-Depth Information

The Fruit of Life. This is the one thing that an Eva requires in order to gain an existence equal to that of Adam.

Footnotes for 13 & 14

14-C. "As the world is formed with spirals" (sekai wa neji de dekite ori) is the best I can currently muster for the part in question, which doesn't really make much sense to me. Still asking around.