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Thread: Panty and Stocking Ep 13 *spoiler*

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    Panty and Stocking Ep 13 *spoiler*

    So i started watching Panty and Stocking like not too long ago and finshed last night.

    In ep 13
     click to show spoiler

    To be truthful .... i cried because i realllly liked Stocking. But like b4 i actually finished my boyfriend was like I really liked Stocking before she messed up.... he said he wouldnt tell me what she did... then i saw.... and was like NOOOO the show cant be called CHUCK and BREIF with Garterbelt! T^T

    I came up with is theory--- That wen Stocking went back up to heaven God sent her down with a mission to of Double agent. There was no real reason to have Panty alive. If Stocking really was a demon she would have killed Panty ASAP. And the "pair of legs in the sky" must have been god. Because all angels call GOD father. But they must think of GOD as a she.

    About the blue bondage freak. He must have thought he persuaded Stocking to come to his side but was unaware of her intentions. GOD knows everything and is powerful. That was proven in Garter's ep and when he chose the one that had less sex. But you still have to remember Stocking had her share of Sins along with Panty so god must have had a plan from the get of.

    My opinion. I'm still recovering.
    Link below is a much more complete spoiler synopsis.

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    Re: Panty and Stocking Ep 13 *spoiler*

    "God! My! Oh!"

    I personally am upset at the plot twist yet, am grateful for the confirmation of season 2.

    Stocking was (kinda still is) my favorite character and then, episode 13 changed my perspective on her. *cries* My theory is that she never came back from heaven to begin with. A Stocking look-a-like came down and that's why she turned on Panty, because she was a demon to begin with. I wonder how season 2 will turn out with the newly formed team of Brief and Chuck. And will we learn what happens in bits and pieces? Or will we learn everything at the very end, like in season 1?

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    Re: Panty and Stocking Ep 13 *spoiler*

    im so happy i dont know why you guys are so mad im friggin tripping FINNALLY briefs can have some powers and stop being so usless jeez all he did was become a dick-key i really hope that gainax isnt trolling if they arent PLZ GIVE HIM A COOL WEAPON PLLZZ i mean think about it panty stocking garterbelt AND BRIEFS EPIC COMBO PLATTER WITH LARGE FRIES JARSUS ITS GUNNA BE BAWS LIKE HAIL

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