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Thread: Question on Silent Hill Movie!

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    Re: Question on Silent Hill Movie!

    Quote Originally Posted by Raine.sentinel
    Can someone explain to me why at the end why is the blonde haired women stuck in the alternate reality or whatevr it is? i got confused.... also when she entered Silent Hill did she go bk in time? cus somehow evryone is still young...

    Raine x
    The blonde woman followed the main character into the alternate reality created by the evil entity that intertwined itself with the little girl (I forget whos name) who you see being burned alive near the end of the film. About two thirds of the way in you see the blonde woman die by way of fire becuase she is perceived as a threat or witch by the people who run the church there. The reason the main character's daughter seems exactly like the child who was burnt in the movie is becuase she is the remainder of the "goodness" isnide the twisted, phyco female you see strapped to a metal bed with barbed wire emitting from it at the end of the movie. So bassically the main character's daughter is a clone of the original.

    Here is my best explanation on how the alternate reality was created -
    In the early days of Silent Hill there was a church group there who were extremist witch hunters, who would burn alive anyone who was percieved to be a witch or be involved with any kind of magical activity. For some reason these people thought the little girl you see near the end of the movie being burned alive was witch or an "impure child" becuase they did not know who her father was. So they roasted her alive like you would a chishcabob, unfortunately she survived (to go through that much pain would be horrible, so it would be better if she had died) and her hatred of people slowly grew and grew. Eventually an unknown entity (possibly the devil) visited her and decided to use her hatred to reek as much havoc and pain on the people who did that her as she could as payback. So they touch hands and they become interwined which gives the girl the ability to create the alternate reality which you see in the movie.
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    Re: Question on Silent Hill Movie!

    just so u all know there will be a #2...which will suck like the 1st one lol the games are way better

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    Re: Question on Silent Hill Movie!

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