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Thread: Is Van related to Ray? (Gun X Sword)

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    Is Van related to Ray? (Gun X Sword)

    Really, is Van related to Ray?
    (From GunXSword)

    I am asking this, because i started watching this like couple days ago from a DVD rental from the public library and i wanted to know if there is some relationship between these guys, i am not certain if this has been availble for me to figure it out. I was really stomped with the question going through my head everytime i repeated the same eposiode over and over.
    Also i wanted to add, for some reason Van and Ray are looking for the exact same person to get revenge, wouldn't this be the same question what i am looking for?

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    Re: Is Van related to Ray?

    Moved to Spoiler Talk.

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    Re: Is Van related to Ray?

    Changing the title. You know you should include the title of the anime in the thread title.

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