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Thread: All SOTW participants MUST read: SOTW Rules

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    All SOTW participants MUST read: SOTW Rules

    AnimeOnline members can participate in the latest signature of the week competition by going to the SOTW Contest page and entering their original signature into that week's contest.

    When entering a signature please be sure to follow the rules. Below are some tips that have been put together by our dedicated forum mods.

    I've recently been seeing somewhat of an increase in the number of participants in SOTW which I'd like to say is a good thing but unfortunately it seems that some of them tend to overlook the rules of it so that is why I'm making this thread.

    The SOTW Rules
    -Signature size limits: 400 x 200 pixels with a file size no larger than 200kb.

    Please not that these size limits ONLY APPLY TO THE SOTW competition forum sizes remain 500 x 130 pixels

    -Entries must be uploaded into the "Signatures" section of the "Gallery" where it can be found by the staff and the link to it must be provided in your post. To upload your entry into the "Signatures" Gallery you must:

    Click "Gallery" link on the top of the page > Click "Signatures" under the "Art Showcase" in the Gallery page > Click "Upload Photos".

    To get the link to the page you must simply highlight and copy the address in the address bar of your browser. Also, if you'd like to include the image in your post too than simply right click on your image than go to "Properties" and copy the address written under "Location" and paste the address into the box that appears when choosing the "Insert Image" option or more simply just choose "Copy Image Location"...I failed to see this option earlier

    -Give your entry a nice title rather than "SOTW entry". C'mon, you worked hard on it (I'd assume) so the least it deserves is a nice title right?
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    ->:Be descriptive in your posts or its like you didnt post at all:<-

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    All SOTW participants MUST read SOTW Rules

    what exactly are the rules for making a lolcat sig?
    i guess a cat with some type of txt in it, i guess its suppose to be funny somehow,

    all i have to say is i better get at least 5 entries since this is the easiest ****ing sotw ever, if i dont get at least 5 entries then nxt week is freestyle

    zahne bleichen

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