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Thread: SOTW (7th-13th) emotions

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    Re: SOTW (7th-13th) emotions

    ok well here is my entry...

    Loneliness, Depression

    Gallery Link
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    Re: SOTW (7th-13th) emotions

    Message - Anime Online Gallery

    no one said it had to be anime!! haha stickin it to the man-

    Dual Emotions- the right side represents "hatred" ---- the left side represents "a fake happiness" terms two-faced comes to mind.

    just a hour of work, most of it finding a girl that looked like she had something to hide, i loved her expression so i did some make up on her, an changed her eye color so u can see the evilness lurking behind her smile. my grunge is made from a special technique that i use that uses the stroke but makes it into a rainbow stroke. enjoy... dont let her fool u shes evil.
    -the picture came from a nude portrait image, i just liked this girls face structure an u can see her devilish side
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    Re: SOTW (7th-13th) emotions

    The poll for this week's SOTW competition is now posted HERE. Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck.

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