We have a two way tie! This is the second time in recent memory where Ichiya Yuka has lost on a tie via the tiebreaker rules. Congratulations to Sazzy for squeeking out the victory via the credits tie breaker. Ichiya Yuka, you received the same number of votes and I will therefore also be giving you 50 credits along with Sazzy for this weeks competition. Frozen Rose, please do not vote for your own sig. I deducted 1 vote which put you at 6 total.

Thanks to everyone for voting and showing your support to those who take the time to enter and share their work.

Sazzy, you know the drill, please send me your favorite youtube clip and I will display it on the front page.

You have also both won 50 credits.

Please create a new thread titled "SOTW for August 17- 23 (your theme here)". Please stick this thread once posted.

The poll for this weeks competition will be up later this evening/early tomorrow morning.
Thank you.