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Thread: DJ Extreme - AO's new Web Radio!

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    DJ Extreme - AO's new Web Radio!

    Here at Anime Online, we are now delighted to offer members live Radio and 1-way voice commentary - welcome to "DJ Extreme"! Community members and above can also take to the airwaves and be a DJ! Broadcast your favourite music and even talk live to members.

    There will also be regular Anime music playing at certain time slots, so be sure to tune in.

    How Do I DJ?
    • Only members with Community status or higher can DJ.
    • Request the DJ password from a member of staff.
    • DJ to your heart's content...

    What Software Do I Need to DJ?
    • Download and install Winamp.
    • Download and install the Shoutcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp. Be sure that Winamp is not running when you install the DSP Plug-In.

    How Do I Broadcast?

    Start Winamp and go to Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Plug-ins > DSP/Effect > Select "Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP..."

    Once you select this the Shoutcast DSP box will pop up. First select the "Encoder" tab. Select Encoder 1 and Encoder Type is MP3. Bitrate recommended is 24kbps. The Bitrate will depend on your internet connection and it’s upload speed. Find your ideal upload speed at - Upload Test and clicking the "SmarTest" link.

    Next select the "Output" tab and select Output 1. Hit the "Connection" button if it is not already selected. Type in the "Address" with "Port" 8000. Enter the password given to you by the Head DJ. Finish off by selecting Encoder 1 from the dropdown box.

    If you would like your broadcast to be listed on hit the "Yellowpages" button next to the "Connection" button. Make sure "Make this server public" is checked. Then enter some descriptive info about your stream in the corresponding boxes below.

    Once you have all the settings taken care of, go ahead and hit the "Connect" button. Start playing the MP3s that you want to broadcast. If everything is set up and running correctly the DSP should connect to Anime Online and start the stream for members to hear.


    Q. How do I broadcast my voice?
    A. In the Shoutcast DSP box, select the "Input" tab. Change from "Winamp" to "Soundcard Input" as the Input Device dropdown box. Be sure to have a headset / mic attached to your PC.

    Q. What about copyright laws?
    A. If you would like to DJ, please ensure you are using your own music, or music you bought. That is, your own CDs or MP3s that you paid for. We do not allow pirated or illegally obtained music to be broadcast on the airwaves.

    Q. I want to hear certain songs. How do I request this?
    A. You don't. The DJ is responsible for their own music and they can play as they wish.

    Q. I want to broadcast at higher bit levels?
    A. That's fine but be sure your upload speed is fast enough. Be sure to use the Upload Test to gauge your internet speeds. Trying to broadcast at higher bit levels than your internet is capable of will only distort the quality and risk you being kicked off air.

    Q. Is there any restriction on the type of music I can play?
    A. No. You are free to play anything you want. You can even talk for the whole DJ slot if you want.

    Q. Where do I go to listen to DJ Extreme?
    A. Just go to the forums main page

    Further optional reading for DJs can be found at SHOUTcast - for DJs.
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