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Thread: Additional Clan rules

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    Additional Clan rules

    Jade has posted over all rules for the group here:


    Other things I want to stress. READ this thread often. I will make updates as needed.

    1) Be respectful of everyone!!!! Which means EVERYONE!!! Other clan members, other clans & Staff etc...

    2) Keep the language to a minimum. If you can't say it without profanity...not say it, come back later when you have calmed down and say it.

    3) Problems with anyone will be brought to me, I will stress that we are all equals so don't go around pesudomodding or bossing people around. Talk to me about it and I will handle either directly or by a mod.

    4) Be active...I will speak more to this once things get going so check back later.

    5) Recruit more members!!!

    6) HAVE FUNNN!!!!!!!
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