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Site Staff and Positions


Anime Online is run by a group of individuals who have come together to form one of the best online communities just for anime fanatics. As with any great community there must be rules and enforcers of those rules to ensure that all can fully enjoy this community and that it maintains the maximum amount of order and tranquility. The following is a listing of the site leaders and the rules they will be enforcing:

Administrators (Appears in bold Light Orange):
  • Cowboy Bebop (Site Owner)

Their duties are to facilitate ways to mature and grow the site to the best of their abilities while keeping the best interests of the community intact. This is through the promotion, advancement, and general upkeep of the site. This also includes the selection of the next set of "leaders" on the board:

Head Moderators (Appears in bold Green):

  • LenMiyata
Super Moderators (Appears in Light Green):
  • Hassun
  • kedar
  • chiefblackhammer
  • aceman67
Moderators (Appears in Light Blue)
  • Soldat of life
  • Sazzy
  • Zev
Gallery Moderators (Appears in Light Yellow)
  • GallComp
  • _gwenibe_
Their duties are to enforce the rules and guidelines outlined in this document.

Please read through the rules carefully as it contains important information for users on how to utilize our forums as well as essential rules on how to conduct oneself on our board.

Special Mention - Founding Fathers (The Original Creators of Anime Online):
  • Cybergig1
  • Ewdi
  • Tychoides

User Accounts

  1. You must use correct information when registering. This includes your email address and real name.
  2. Do not register more than 1 account. You do not have 2 names in real life, so please do not use 2 names here. It only confuses people.
  3. Strictly no impersonation. Do not impersonate any person, forum leaders, guides or Admins, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity. Names which are similar to those of the forum leaders or the Administration will be deleted. For example, it is unacceptable to register a username of "Dragon Ball-7" given the administrator of this site’s username is "Dragon Ball".
  4. Do not register an obscene or slanderous name. Administration will delete any account created with offensive names.
  5. Do not register an obscene or slanderous avatar/signature. It will be deleted and you will be reprimanded.


  • Newly registered members are not allowed to advertise their own sites in signatures until they have a post of count of at least 100.
  • Your main signature image has a maximum size of:
    130 (height) x 500 (width) pixels, with a maximum file size of 200Kb.
  • 1 userbar is allowed in your signature, the maximum dimensions are 400 (width) x 20 (height) pixels.
    2 userbars are allowed for clan leaders (one extra userbar to show their clan leader status).
  • Text in signatures is limited to 4 lines. Blank lines are also counted towards the text line limit. The max text size allowed in any signature is size 3.

The Galaga System


Below your avatars in the userstats legend you will notice little shields. Each shield represents a post count as listed below:

= 5 posts
= 50 posts
= 100 posts
= 500 posts
= 1,000 posts
= 5,000 posts
= 10,000 posts
= 25,000 posts

Admin / Moderator Permissions

  1. is not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, entirety or convenience of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message posted on our boards.
  2. is not responsible for any external links which are posted on our forums. We may not necessary agree or condone the content of any external site. Please inform the Administrators or Moderators in the event any questionable links are found on our site.
  3. Please utilize the "report" post feature to notify the moderators of any objectionable posts on the forums. To do this locate this icon at the bottom of the postbit which contains the users avatars and postcount:
  4. We have the ability to remove questionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we believe removal is necessary.
  5. Members are free to discuss anime-related topics and informed discussions, but please bear in mind the Administrators and Moderators have the full right to edit/delete any posts or threads.
  6. In the event an argument arises between you and a Moderator of this forum, and you believe you have been dealt with unfairly, please contact an administrator presenting the full case. He will review the situation and take necessary action.
  7. The admins will appoint moderators whom they feel are suitable for the role and also as many as they believe are needed. Do not ask to become a moderator. Your posts on the forums and maturity in conduct will play a role in you being considered as a moderator if a position for the post becomes available.
  8. The Moderators and Administration are the authority of this site. Do not argue, disrespect or harass them in anyway, either via private messages, e-mail, on the board, or through any other form of communication.
  9. Duplicating any material on this site and/or using such material on your own sites without prior permission from the owners is emphatically prohibited. Any violation of our copyrighted material will immediately result in a complete ban from our site for all those involved. This rule applies but is not limited to the site's terms of usage, rules, privacy statement, or any wallpaper that are copyrighted by AO or its members. If these are found on your site/forum and without such written permission it will result in an automatic banning of you and any of your staff that are registered on AO. A formal report will be issued to your site's host to remove your site immediately for copyright infringement and legal action against you will be considered.
  10. Any attempt to harm or destroy our site/forum in anyway will be result in severe action being taken. We will not hesitate to file a lawsuit against any criminal attempt to sabotage our site. Consider yourselves warned.
You agree, through your use of this service, you will do your utmost to follow the rules and regulations presented above. Violation of these rules can (and will) result in any of the following: thread deletion, thread closure, warnings, public humiliation, temporary suspension of account and permanent banning from Anime Online.

User Promotions


As you become more involved with the Anime Online community, you will notice more features becoming available to you. The following milestones can be achieved:
  • Registered Member
    Simply by registering, this is your initial usergroup.
  • Community Member
    Achieved after 30 days AND 250 posts.
  • Elite Member
    Achieved after 150 days AND 500 posts.
  • Veteran Member
    Achieved after 365 days AND 1000 posts.
This reward system is an effective way of ensuring those that contribute to in turn receive extra privileges. Privileges may be exclusive access to certain forums, wallpapers, participation in contests and an overall less restrictive account.

Only Community Members and above can play the Arcade.

Infraction Policy


We have setup an automatic infraction policy to encourage responsible and quality posting on our boards. If you try to do the right thing and listen to staff feedback, then you shouldn't need to concern yourself with the below.

All infractions given expire after 7 days.

Elite Members
  • 30 Points Infraction: Demoted to Community Member. You will loose the custom elite member features till or if the infraction expires. Elite members should act more responsibly to the rules of AO.
  • 40 Points Infraction: Demoted to Regular Member. You will lose access to the wallpaper galleries and other addons community members and above get.
Community Members
  • 30 Points Infraction: Demoted to Regular Member. You will lose access to the wallpaper galleries and other addons community members and above get.
ALL Members
  • 50 Points Infraction: Temporarily banned for 4 days.
  • 60 Points Infraction: Demoted to the Suspension Group. You can still post BUT no access to any special features. Furthermore, your posts will not display immediately as they will be moderated first before showing on the forums.

Earn Credits


Earn credits for participating and helping Anime Online become a better place! The more you earn, the greater the rewards! Trade your credits for cool features, competitions, prizes and so on.


  • Induction Credit: 100
    Credits awarded when your are promoted into a new usergroup.
    Exception: -200 credits will be applied if becoming a banned user or placed into the post moderation usergroup.
  • Additive Referral Bonus: 5%
    Extra credits for referring many others. Referrals are checked and added every midnight. Get 5% more credits per referral. Eg: If you have 10 referrals, your credits will be 150% more than others.
  • Time Credit: 0
    Current we are not awarding credits based on time at AO.
  • Activity Credit: 10
    Credits awarded once per day when you do something at AO.
  • Birthday Credit: 100
  • Reputation Granting Credit: 0.1
    Awarded when you give others reputation. A multiplier by the amount of reputation given.
  • Positive Reputation Credit: 10
    Awarded when you receive positive reputation.
  • Negative Reputation Credit: -15
    Awarded when you receive negative reputation.
  • New Thread Credit: 20
  • Rate Thread Credit: 0.05
  • Posting Credit: 5
    Credits awarded for all posts, except when creating a new thread.
  • Own Thread Posting Credit: 3
    Applied when posting in a thread which you originally created.
  • Post Size Credit: 0.1
    Credit awarded per character in a post, in addition to the Posting Credit.
  • Poll Create Credit: 10
  • Poll Vote Credit: 3
  • Creating New Review: 100
  • Winning POTM: 100
  • Winning WOTF: 100
  • Winning SOTW: 50
  • Deleted Thread Credit: -20
    Credit applied when your thread is deleted.
  • Deleted Post Credit: -5
    Credit applied when your post is deleted.

There are some exceptions to earning credits in certain forums.

- The Introductions forum WILL NOT earn you credits.
- The Poems forum WILL NOT earn you credits for posting, but will earn you credits for creating threads, voting etc.
- The Fanfics forum HAS a Post Size Credit of 0.005 as opposed to the default 0.1 AND a New Thread Credit of 10 as opposed to the default of 20.

Member Safety


This is to keep you safe and us safe from lawsuits and other stupid stuff.

High Security Risk To You
  • DO NOT post your full mailing address. (Especially the female members and underage women of the board - this is a good way for a pedophiles that could be acting as a member of the site to find you and do bad things to you). This is a BIG no no. Members we find doing this in their profile will be edited by a staff member.
  • DO NOT post a phone number unless it's a cell phone. This is another way someone can find where you live.
  • DO NOT give out any private info in the blogs or in the profile that is very dangerous to you.
  • No hentai images allowed in profile. If found your profile, it will be locked down and you will not be able to access it.
  • No hatred videos. You are allowed to post videos in your profile BUT nothing relating to racial bashing such as KKK or any other racist organizations.
  • NO POSTING LICENSED ANIME! This is also a big no no. You can post clips of a licensed anime, but thats it.
  • DO NOT THREATEN OTHER MEMBERS! Under no circumstance are you to threaten another member in any way. Threats against other members is a serious violation of the rules and may very well result in an immediate and permanent ban.

To keep you all safe from bad people, remember to follow the rules and DON'T post any private content about yourself EVER. Just a bit of commonsense, that's all.

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