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Posting Guidelines

  1. When creating or replying to a thread, try to use a descriptive Title. This makes it easier for all to quickly know whether your information is of interest to them. A Title with "Hi" really doesn't mean much.
  2. No plagiarism UNLESS due credit is given for the other person's work AND the original owner allows their work to be copied.
  3. Please utilize the "Search" feature before creating a new topic, as the same topic may already have been posted and discussed previously.
  4. Please maintain proper conduct when replying to other members. Bad language and misbehavior will not be tolerated at any cost.
  5. Exercise courtesy at all times. Make use of the "Edit" button found next to each post if you wish to edit a comment.
  6. Please read the forum description before posting or opening a new topic, i.e. post in the relevant forum sections. Members should use an appropriate, descriptive title when posting a new topic. Members should use a "normal font" and avoid the excessive use of capital letters.
  7. Members are restricted to start no more than 4 threads a day. Please do not flood the forum with excessive, useless posting.
  8. Inactive threads, which have not been posted in for 1 month or more, should not be revived. They are considered dead. This is based off staff time zones so you may still be in the wrong even if its 1 or 2 days shy of a month. If it is close like that, just don't revive it. It's that simple.
  9. Please use your blogs for information of a personal nature. The forums should only be used for discussions.
  10. Members who post on a regular basis will have the privilege to utilize the Gallery section. Only content which is your own can be uploaded here. Any "leached" content will result in the member being banned without delay.
  11. Advertising in any thread will result in an infraction, no exceptions. You may advertise in your signature and blog only.
  12. Contests are allowed subject to approval by staff.
  13. DO NOT MAKE LIST THREADS! IT WILL BE CONSIDERED SPAM!! Favourite threads can only be created by COMMUNITY MEMBERS and above, and are allowed only if you explain as to why it is your favourite.
  14. Please do not pseudo mod. We have Moderators on the forums for a reason, it is not your job to correct other members.
  15. Do not flood the forum with random long postings that are impossible to read. Do not repetitively post the same thing. Do not post the same topic in multiple forums as all such threads will be removed. Do not double post on an individual thread. An example of what is acceptable and unacceptable when posting is demonstrated below:


    Your post
    Someone else's post
    Your post

    Not acceptable:

    Your post
    Your post
    Someone else's post

  16. Avoid posting large images in the forum. Use the gallery for all your image posting and commenting. This is to keep the amount of scrolling down and to keep the board as clean as possible.
  17. Stay on topic. Read what the thread is about before posting. Off topic posts are considered spam and do not contribute to the thread. Making an off topic post or thread will result in an immediate warning or infraction.
  18. Keep any back and forth banter to a minimum as it can quickly turn into a conversation within a thread. Such situations should be taken to PM so that others do not have to read through your 'conversation' to get back to on topic material. This usually happens when two people agree on something and decide to converse within the thread instead of bringing their mutual interests to PM or the chat room.
  19. Anime Online is primarily an English speaking community. Therefore, if you do not speak a word of English please do not post as nobody will be able to understand you. As such this rule is added that your posts must be in English. If you cannot speak English, attempt to use some form of online translator to translate all of your posts. We cannot at the moment facilitate a completely bilingual community.

Junk Posting


All members please note that Junk Posting is no longer allowed at Anime Online.

No-one wants to read another members "Junk Posting" and it just clutters up the forums and hides useful information.

I'm sure many members dislike reading garbage, and so from now on, let's all be responsible members of AO.

Please only reply or post a new thread if you have something useful to say.

Posts such as:
  • I agree
  • This rocks
  • I think she is really cute.
  • Checkout this site.... (link)
  • I love Anime just because.
  • Hello, I'm new.
  • etc..
Will be deleted and an infraction given.

Also remember to give your posts and threads meaningful titles. A title of "Help" is not meaningful and does not describe accurately what is contained within a post.

The staff here are all working very hard to bring you an enjoyable forum with content rich posts. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Favourite Threads


We are trialling the re-introduction of favourite threads. You can now ask about other's favourites, however you MUST EXPLAIN WHY IT'S YOUR FAVOURITE!

Simply posting a name/title and declaring it's your favourite is nothing more than a list post. List posts are still not allowed. That is, posts that comprise of no explanation as to why you chose a certain favourite.


  1. Insults towards other members, Admins or Moderators, excessive swearing, cursing and foul language is not allowed. Any member seen behaving in an aggressive manner shall face an immediate ban. Members are equal and anyone with a 'god-complex' will not be tolerated.
  2. Don't request or post links to licensed materials, illegal content or pornography.
  3. Avoid typing in capital letters. Typing in caps can be interpreted as "shouting".
  4. Praising of the killing of innocent civilians, ethnic minorities, arguing in favor of or providing links in support of such arguments is emphatically prohibited. Violators of this rule will be banned without delay.
  5. Posting another's work without permission, whether it be fan fiction or art, is not allowed. If posting another's work, be sure to have their permission and give credit where due.
  6. Custom Avatars are only available to Community Members and higher. To become a Community Member, you will need to reach 100 posts or more. Avatars are restricted to 80 x 80 for Registered members. For Community members and above, avatars can be up to 100 x 100. Custom ANIMATED avatars are available to Elite Members and above.
  7. Custom User Titles are only available to Elite Members and higher.
  8. Polls can only be created by Elite Members and above. Of course, all members can vote in polls.
  9. Do not upload, post or otherwise transmit any material that is prohibited by law, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, torturous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.
  10. We welcome vibrant and educated discussions. However, we advise personal discussions are kept off our regular forums. Any talk of a personal nature should be taken to private PMs or to external services like MSN Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and so forth.
PM's Maximum Messages

Below are the maximum messages that can be stored in your Private Message folders.
  • Registered Member: 100
  • Community Member: 400
  • Elite Member: 600
  • Veteran Member: 800

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