The Fallen Angel....

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      Between the reaches of ones heart, mind and soul...where only a small light lingers.
      I am a fallen angel
      The earth is my home
      I went away from the light
      Because I preferred the comfort
      Of the shadows and the night

      I am not evil
      Though I am not considered good
      Yet all are told to fear me
      But I am just misunderstood
      Just because I am draped in black
      And I no longer have white wings
      Sprouting from my back
      I am forever destined to remain alone
      Ostracized by god-fearers
      In my new, mortal home

      I am still immortal
      For it is said my punishment is to watch
      While the rest of the world suffers
      And all the plans of do-gooders are botched
      I can never lend a hand
      To fight for what is right
      Or try to save the day
      I am ousted from the flock
      Though I am more or less the same

      Each of you are tainted at birth
      Yet you go through great pains
      To remove the mark
      Baptism is quite a holy shower
      But you never lose the scars
      Donít get me wrong
      I think itís a wonderful thing
      To try to save your souls
      From the eternal chaos
      Living in sin can bring

      But I am just a reminder
      Of how black and white things are
      There is no in between gray
      For someone who dislikes the golden harmony
      Yet still believes in God
      I am not a sinner
      In my mind, I believe I am pure
      Yet to all I have some terrible disease
      Of which there is no cure

      I am just a fallen angel
      Yet by my choice I did fall
      And if I had the chance to change my fate
      Iím not sure if I could make the call

      You may think of me as anathema
      You may shield your childís eyes
      You may hope you never become like me
      Some mightÖ I wouldnít be surprised
      But you still would be the minority
      And thatís the golden and designated truth
      For if you were to go against any teachings
      You would be named a traitor, a heathen, and uncouth

      I am still alive, still breathing
      This judgment is not so bad
      I do not wish to know what the future brings
      But for now, despite it all, I am glad
      I am free to hide in shadows
      For itís been requested I remain unseen
      I answer to no one but myself
      And I choose what I believe

      Some may look at me despairing
      Shaking their heads at the sight
      Thinking me ignorant and a failure
      That I am nothing more than a blight
      But I have grown accustomed to the whispers
      I no longer shudder at the stares
      Yet I would give my life to save someone
      If I couldÖ but I cannotÖ
      Because Iím not supposed to care

      I am evil
      Iím a demon
      I should be tortured and defiled
      I am darkness
      I am shadow
      Yet I too cringe when someone hurts a child
      Think of me how you wish
      I can live with your hate
      But I am no longer a prisoner
      Behind those pearly gates
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      someplace where the only light is the moon above
      another awesome pic

      I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons
      I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
      I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
      They're one in the same, I must isolate you...
      Isolate and save you from yourself