Death- Plague Doctor

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      Death- Plague Doctor

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      My entry for Tsu's Very Hardcore Artwork Contest.
      Drew this when I was twelve. So if it's crud... Don't hit me! Yeah, I was too lazy to make up a new drawing. Well, actually, I wasn't, until I found this while procrastinating and rummaging through my old files. Then I grew lazy. But I did some work on this... Cleaned it up a bit because it was dirty. Hah! That's work.
      All out of pencil. How long it took me? How am I supposed to know?! I was twelve! Why did I draw this? Because I was reading a bit about the Black Death, thought about the doctors, and then researched obsessively in local libraries. Loads of fun, researching and drawing.
      It was fun. You know, finding a piece of my childhood and cleaning it up in Paint...
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      That drawing look pretty good.