Melancholic Seven Days

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      Melancholic Seven Days

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      Hikari Sakurai
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      November 2004
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      Hello all... I've been neglecting my AO gallery for some time. When the old AO crashed (taking my 5 page gallery with it) I never got around to uploading it all back up here. So that's what I'm doing, not all of them of course, but the walls I feel are my best.

      Wall made: 14th March 05

      I present to you something you probably don't see very often: A grungy Gravitation wall. But it's Yuki (hears the fangirl roar) which kind of suits. I can't seem to be able to anything other than grunge these days. sigh. But grunge suits Yuki does it not. Well those who know his back story would think so.
      Brushes from the Fifth Muse and some from my original (highly used) set from Isomanic brushes (which isn't online anymore) are in the BG of this one. I think by now I've found my walling style: I'm a brush and a grunge whore. I admit it. ^_^ Anyway minna enjoy the wall.

      opps... I posted it in the wrong gallery. -_- Silly me. Could someone move it please?
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    1. jaderabbit
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      awesome i see another person who enjoys mass uploading ^^,


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