LelouchxC.C. (KMxMN) - For Ky Kun :P

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      This is made for Kyle todays :P I made it for him for his hard word for Black Friday xD Hope you likes plus Kyle as well xD (He's sleeping o-o) (Signature used for somewhere else :P)
      Size: 400x600
      Main colors: White, Gray, Black (Other colors? )
      Characters: Lelouch & C.C. (From Code Geass)
      Brushes: Splatter (Love splatter <3) , Vector, circle brush (< - xD)
      Extra Effects?: Watercolor effect, blur effect
      GIMP User
      Mi Comment: I made the hearts!!! Thier pretty to me >.>

      Date: 11/27/2009    Views: 1,902    
      Tags: 1    Dimensions: 400 x 600    
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      Keywords: KuwiRules145 Code Geass

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