The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

Join now (and please read all for rules are included)! Post a list of your Abilities, Personality, Weapons, and Race to join the Daemon Clan or Vampyre Clan.
As a matter for your knowledge; the leader of the Daemon Clan is I b Blair13 and it is I that is the Queen of the Immortal. If any issues are needed to my attention, please message me or leave a comment on my profile and I will seek the resolution in due time.

You may have only two playable characters, with the exception of myself, who controls:
Vaeriil (Twin rother to Scythe )
Scythe (the main antagonist of this story.)

I also request that you write a decent amount for a response and avoid writing anything less than three, well-structured sentences and use your grammar to the best of your ability.

Starting May 11, 2012, there will be a new discussion room called User Profiles where you will list all your characters or your character if only one is used.
This is now MANDATORY.

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