1. TaintedCookie
    This is the best I could do for a group name off the top of my head. For anyone who joins, name ideas would be muchly appreciated.
    What are you staring at...? Join or get out. Look, there's the exit! :0 (jk)

    No srsly T_T


    Join today! We have T-shirts and fake tatoos and... friendship bracelets!!
    ...ahahahaha-NO. If you're looking for cute little matching bracelets, you're in the wrong place. '-' The PrettyParlor is just down the road.

    I'll tolerate just about anything, just be nice to-... No, don't bother being nice, just be uh- you. (Look at me, bein all motivational...teehee) But still be at least a little nice...

  2. shegramariealexandria
    is it possible to be an evil minded nice person cause well i kinda am
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